Friday, August 27, 2010

Still enjoying this weather

This morning I woke up in a terrific mood. The girls slept in a bit and so I got some extra sleep too, which helped me feel refreshed. We ate breakfast and headed off to our playdate. The weather was so crisp (okay... crisp compared to the temps we were having, not like "real" fall crisp) and it just was so pleasant! We got to the playgroup at Melanie's house to play with her kids, plus Alison and her boys. The kids must have felt the great mood too, because everyone played so nicely together. Melanie served up a terrific lunch, like usual, and we left full and happy.

Naptime came and went without much sleep. Seems like my streak of awesome naps has come to a halt this past week. You can tell it by looking at my house too. When the girls nap, my house gets clean. I am much more productive during that part of the day. By the time bedtime rolls around, I'm usually too tired to clean house!

After nap, John, the girls and I decided to go to Fry's Electronics to pick up a few things we've been needing. The girls were not so great. That store is huge, with wide aisles and they thought that was invitation to run around like monkeys. John and I weren't happy. Ended up that we told the girls they didn't get to watch any tv tonight or tomorrow. (They still don't watch much tv as it is, so taking away their one show a day was a big deal.) On the way home they were very quiet and they told us they were sorry for making bad choices at the store.

Later that evening after they ate a fantastic dinner, we all went outside in the backyard to enjoy the breeze. The girls were playing soccer (well they were kicking the ball around a bunch.) And then they discovered the bucket of water I had out there from yesterday. They were soaked in a matter of minutes, giggling the entire time. I guess the fresh air (and no nap) wore them out because they fell asleep in record time tonight.

The girls playing "McDonald's" at Melanie's house. (Maddie, Izzie, Maddie and Sydney)
Ford and Jake

Maddie found this cute play silverware and cup and made a little pretend snack for herself at Melanie's.

Maddie and Izzie playing with dolls
Maddie running outside, kicking the ball.  

Izzie and Maddie playing in the water.

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