Thursday, August 19, 2010

Singing in the rain

Maddie and Izzie heading out in the drizzle.
A few times (okay, maybe more than a few times...) every summer I think to myself, "It is so HOT! I can't wait until winter!" Then of course winter gets here and I find myself longing for the warm summer days. Every once in awhile you've got to stop thinking about the future and enjoy the now. Especially if every now is filled with longing for the future, you are never living in the moment. This evening was definately one of those MOMENTS.

We were cleaning up the toy room getting ready to read a couple of books and then go take a bath and head to bed. The normal evening routine around here. John walked by a window and said, "Wow, it's sorta kinda of raining out there." Since we've had over a month of 100 degree plus days, rain has been scarce. I had an inspiration. A barely sort of rain was perfect chance for the girls to play with their umbrella's that Popo had gotten them a couple of weeks ago. A pouring rain would have been too much for them, but this was just right. So I told the girls to grab their umbrellas and we abandoned the toy room mess and headed outside.

John was right, it was a barely there sort of rain, but the girls thought it was neat. I had to run back in for my camera because they looked so cute marching up and down the sidewalk with their tiger umbrellas. Then the wind picked up a bit and the umbrellas got unwieldy. I told the girls to ditch them and help me dance in the rain. It still wasn't coming down too hard but it was just perfect. Maddie and Izzie kept saying, "Momma, you are getting wet!" I told them they were getting wet too! They were giggling and singing and marching and twirling. Then Daddy came out and said it was time for bath.

We made the executive decision to skip bath and dance in the rain for a bit longer. At about that time the girls discovered the puddle that had formed at the end of the driveway and I taught them how to splash in it. Maddie wanted to lay down and swim in it but I convinced her it was a much better splashing puddle than swimming puddle. Just as it was time to go inside for bed, the rain stopped. A perfect end to a perfect moment.

Maddie and Izzie having fun with their umbrellas.

The wind picked up and Maddie was having a hard time holding her umbrella.

Izzie's almost blew away!

So we ditched them and just ran up and down the sidewalk in the rain.
Ring around the Rosie in the Rain.
As I tucked the girls in tonight, Izzie touched my cheeks and said, "Momma, I had fun dancing with you in the rain tonight." Maddie then asked me for a kiss and said, "Me too." Girls... let me tell you right now, Momma had a wonderful time dancing with you too.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

This is so sweet! And what an awesome memory for your girls (and you!)!

MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

This is so sweet! And what wonderful, fun memories you are creating for your girls - and you, of course! :)

Ann said...

So sweet! Especially the last sentence, wow. Your girls are going to have so much pleasure reading all this when they're all grown up.

Ann from Belgium (with Emma & Nora, 8 months old)