Thursday, August 12, 2010

Night Time Snuggles

For the first time since the girls were about 7 months old, they are sharing a bed. For the past few nights, they have crawled into each other beds to "visit" but they get in their own beds when they are ready to sleep. Tonight Izzie kept saying that she wanted to stay in Maddie's bed. They stayed up there talking for two hours. Finally I had to tell them that if they didn't go to sleep that Izzie would have to go to her own bed. Silence ensued and they were off to dreamland.

(Please ignore the pile of baby blankets. They like to pull those off the shelves and play with them.)

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Dina said...

So cute! I really do figure our twins will all really like sleeping together. Expect that vision a lot of nights! They are so lucky to have such comfort in each other.