Saturday, August 7, 2010

A new Doll House

I don't think I've slowed down to sit at my computer for very long the past couple of days! Last Thursday I took the girls over to Jessica's house to have a playdate with her triplets. I wish I could go to playdates at her house more often, but she is a pretty good distance away! I do enjoy the times we have been able to get together. The girls seem to really get along with her kids too.

Thursday evening, right after the girls went to bed, I went out for "coffee" with some of my Wylie Moms group. I was excited to get to visit with some of them since our "coffee" nights have disappeared the past few months. None of usually order coffee, so it's kind of funny to say we are meeting for coffee! We also like to joke that we "close the joint down," never mind that it closes at 9pm!

Friday morning was mostly a pajama day for the girls and I, but we spent the entire morning reading books and playing. Mom came over right at lunch time and I ran to get my latest adjustment at the chiropractor. He's been doing my back a world of good lately. Now, I'm down to seeing him once a week and we'll stretch that out even more. I felt 3 inches taller when I left his office since he put me on this funny stretch table! I didn't have any plans for Friday night until Melanie called me up and asked if I wanted to go to a children consignment event.

Consignment events are these HUGE garage sales worth of used toys/clothes/baby equipment that take place over a 3-4 day period and are in big convention centers. Since I'm usually up for spur of the moment things like that I said sure! I did not intend to buy anything.... but I somehow came away with a Fisher Price My Loving Family Doll House. It came with 83 accessories (furniture, people, doll house food, etc.) Let's just say I got it for one-third of the cost that I saw a similar set going for on ebay. It was a steal of a good deal. Wait... I know what you are thinking... a couple of months ago I bought the girls a KidKraft Dollhouse. Yes, you are right I did. But it is too big for them. They don't play with it. I knew they'd love this playhouse since Melanie has a similar one for her daughters. Every time we go over there they play with Madison and Sydney's doll house while ignoring their larger one at home.

A few days ago I had even removed the doll house from their room, saving it for when they are older. I gave this to them this morning and they played with it ALL day long. It was the only toy they played with today! The dollhouse was a hit!

Izzie, Rhonda and Maddie. Rhonda got her hair cut. She had very, very, very long hair. But I LOVE this new cut on her!!!

Izzie studying the house.

Maddie putting a dog in the dog house that came with the house. It also came with a minivan, a jeep, a swimming pool, a playground and so much more!

The girls lined the chairs and couch up and put the animals in the chairs. Then they told me they were watching "Superwhy" their favorite show on tv. It teaches phonics, and it is the only show they are interested in right now.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I've been meeting a couple of fellow twin moms for "coffee" night, a couple of times a month. We wait until our kiddos are in bed and meet at 8:00. We usually close down the joint, 10pm! I think it's pretty cheap "therapy". :)

Is this the first doll house your girls are really playing with? Or did they have a Little People house or something more elementary at some point? I'm just itching to buy our girls something along these lines, but (at 19 months) I know they're too young just yet.

Hope you have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

dittdott said...

Mandy, I think it depends on the personalities of your kids. My girls weren't really into playing with little people or anything like that until recently. They've been more puzzle and book girls. When I noticed them starting to play with their friends doll house, is when I decided to get them one. I started off with one that was too big (4ft tall!) I've now put it away for when they are older and this one is perfect!

It is similar to the "my first dollhouse" by FP but it is a bigger. I was going to get the My First, but when I saw this one used for cheap, I went for it!