Saturday, August 14, 2010

Morning at Nanna's and Popo's house

Yesterday the girls spent the morning over at Nanna's and Popo's house. When I got there to pick them up I asked Maddie what she had lunch. She said she has a sandwich. When I asked her what was in the sandwich she said, "It kinda looks like maci-cheese." So, I was curious what that was. When I asked my mom, she said they had raviolis, a piece of toast, and fruit. Who knows where Maddie got the Maci-cheese sandwich idea from, but it sounds intriguing! They had a fun time, playing blocks and with a big empty box. Here's a few pictures that my mom took.
Maddie eating raviolis and cantaloupe

Izzie with "Olie" face.

Big boxes are always fun. (Izzie and Maddie)

The last time the girls were over at Nanna's house. Maddie was helping Bunny Color this sheet.

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