Sunday, August 1, 2010

Going to Canton

Canton, Texas is known for one thing. Shopping! It is home to one of the largest outdoor markets around. It's a mix of old, new, crafts and food. There is furniture, home decor, jewelery and so much more. It seems to sprawl forever in these huge covered arenas. Yesterday, I went to Canton with my friend Melanie. We left her house at 6:45 in the morning to get there before it got too crowded. We walked and we shopped for hours, meeting up with one of Melanie's friends, Miriam, and Melanie's mother-in-law and sister-in-law along the way. I bought some birthday gifts for family and a few new toys for the girls. The only thing I got for myself was this adorable headband. It was a super fun day, but I was very tired and sore by the end of it! Did I mention that it was 103 degrees outside? Yikes!

John had the girls for the entire day. He said they had a really good time together. He took them over to his parents house where they made mini-muffins with Grandma. By the end of the day, he was almost as tired as I was!

This morning I gave the girls the Melissa and Doug toys I gave them. (Sandwich maker and fresh fruit cutting toys.) They had fun playing with them.
(Izzie and Maddie)

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