Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally Enrolled in Gymnastics

Maddie watching Izzie jump on the trampoline at home.

After talking about it forever, I finally enrolled the girls in a gymnastics class. They absolutely loved going today! When I mentioned it this morning, Maddie wasn't so sure at first. But then I started talking about the trampoline and the balance beam and they were excited to go by the time it was time to get in the car. While I was getting ready they spent time jumping on their own trampoline!

Both girls did excellent with the class today. I think this class is really going to help them get over some of their shyness. They were already warming up to Coach Steve and Coach Kalyn seems to really have taken to my girls. She's a teenager assistant coach and she helps me a TON with the girls during the class. Most kids are one-on-one with their mom, but when you've got twins, you can't be in two places at once!

To make the class just that more exciting, the girls friends Madison and Sydney also are in their class. Although after the initial hellos to their friends they pretty much ignored each other. They were focused on the gymnastics elements. During circle time, Maddie did NOT want to stop swinging on the bar to hear what Coast Steve had to say! All in all, it was a huge success and I think they are going to love going to the class over the next few weeks/months.

Izzie watching Maddie jump.
Maddie swinging from the bars.
Maddie getting off the big trampoline.
Maddie jumping!!!
Izzie jumping!!!

Video of  Izzie and Maddie tumbling down one of the elements.

Last night before bedtime, John got out Rock Band Beatles Edition and was singing with the girls. He put the game on "no fail" mode and let the girls hold the mic. It was so cute! Mostly they just sat there but every once in a while they would hum or sing, "ahhhh."
Maddie singing.
Izzie singing.

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