Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day of ramblings

Today feels like Monday. I guess because yesterday was so busy, it zoomed past in a blink! The girls had gymnastics in the morning which of course they were thrilled about until they got there. Then for some reason, Maddie decided she didn't want to be there. She spent the first 15 minutes just running in huge circles around the gym. I have a feeling we may have a track star on our hands. Anytime she's in a big open area she LOVES to run, run, run! Izzie finally got on the trampoline and then she was happy, but it took them a while to warm up to class yesterday.

Then during nap I had a very long list of things I wanted to accomplish. Very few got accomplished since the girls decided to take a very short nap. (How many very's can I put in one paragraph??) Anyway, Jake, my cat, got sick all over the kitchen floor so the clean up of that mess had to move to the top of my to-do list replacing things I really wanted to do. I tend to get grumpy when things get jostled that way! I did get a batch of homemade tortillas done during (and after) nap which made me happy.

After dinner yesterday I kissed the girls goodbye for John to put to bed and I went to my seminar class that I've signed up with my Mom. It's through a company called LandmarkEducation and I've been participating in their courses for years. The seminar I'm signed up for right now is called, Living Life Passionately. I'm actually reviewing, meaning I took this seminar a few years ago! But every time you take one of their courses you get something new to take away. The courses are designed for you to take a close look at your life unlike anyway you've ever done before and to choose the life you want to lead.

A lot of people ask me how I do everything I do. How do I: do art projects with my kids, cook homemade food, take the kids out on outings, do crafts, etc, etc. The answer is: I got what my life was about from taking Landmark seminars. I do the things I do in life because it is the life I want to lead. I know that sounds strange but putting it simply, instead of saying, "I wish I was the type of parent/person that did x,y,and z" I AM the parent/person that does x, y and z." Anytime I find my self saying, "I wish I was..." I know it is time to take stock and find out why I am not doing what I need to do to become that person I wish I was. Then I do it. I am NOT perfect and I know that. I am human and I make mistakes.

Okay, not sure why I got off on that tangent! Today I think the girls are going to take a laid back day. They've been wanting to stay in their pajamas a lot lately and that tells me that I've been going too much for them. Right now they are happily playing in their toy room. I was hoping to make it outside in the backyard before it got too hot, but they said, "No! Wanna play inside!" We've really have been busy! It's time to have a low key day.

Funny story: The girls favorite show is SuperWhy. In the show the SuperReaders look in books to find the answers to problems they are having. In the story one character always says, "I can't _____, because it is what my story says." Then the SuperReaders change the story for a better outcome. I overheard Maddie telling Izzie to take her toys off the coffee table yesterday. Izzie responded, "I can't Maddie, my story says I have to have my toys on the coffee table!!!!"

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