Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cute Conversation

It didn't start out so cute, but it ended cute. Maddie and Izzie are playing pretend food with their baby dolls, Sarah and Emma. Both Sarah and Emma were in their little high chairs that Uncle Larry made the girls last Christmas. Izzie had given Sarah a breakfast and Maddie was feeding Emma. When suddenly Maddie threw Sarah's food on the floor! I told Maddie that Sarah was very sad that she did that and would she please say sorry to Sarah and Izzie. We talked about that isn't how we show love. Maddie picked Baby Doll Sarah up and gave her a big hug and kiss. Then she said sorry to Izzie.

Izzie looked Sarah over from head to toe and declared she had a booboo on her knee and she needed a bandaid I told Izzie she'd just have to use a pretend bandaid today. Both girls just paused and looked around for a bit. I thought they were onto something else. But they were scanning the available toys that were on the toy room floor. Maddie suddenly exclaimed: "That sticker would be a good bandaid!" And Izzie said, "Oh, okay!" Sure enough there was a sticker leftover from yesterday's play on the carpet (mothers just LOVE how stickers get EVERYWHERE! hummmmm....) Baby Doll Sarah got her bandage and the play continued....

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