Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Break from the heat

Today we woke up to a very nice surprise! It was raining outside. I loved hearing the rain beating on my windowpanes. After a record number of 100 degree plus days this summer the rain also brought in another treat. The high was only 89 today! Our morning started off pretty slow, we were just playing and having a good time, when I called mom to see what she was up to. Somehow it was decided to go over there for a couple of hours to play, enjoy the rain and bake some banana bread. I love the rain at moms house because she has so many windows to watch it from.

Well luck would have it that just after we got in her house (walking through the rain to get in) the rain came to a complete halt. Even so, we had a good time just hanging out. The girls played with the huge lego set that Mom and Chris got off of Freecycle a while back. Then there was the bread baking. Maddie and Izzie were great at smashing up bananas for the recipe. They were very patient adding in the eggs and flour and even helped me measure the oil. They had to smell (and taste) the vanilla as it was going in and they were so excited to see the final mixture go into the oven. It was fun baking together with my mom and my kids today!

Yesterday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's country club to go swimming. The pool was perfect for the kids, since it was only about two feet deep. Sabrina and Julie were there too, so the cousins had fun swimming together. Maddie was super brave and she just took over that pool like she owned it. She got in the little floaty that Grandma brought and she was kicking and "swimming" all over the pool. Izzie was a bit unsure and nervous about being able to touch the bottom, but I know she had a good time too. Even today they were talking about swimming in Grandma's Club Pool.

Maddie, Momma, Sabrina, Grandpa, Julie and Izzie  


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