Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family and Birthdays!

Maddie playing on what is now Lucy's toy.
Izzie playing with the Little People Garage.

Izzie, Maddie, Aunt Rhonda

Maddie eating a hamburger just her size. Popo made sliders for the girls.

Izzie chowing down on corn on the cob.
This weekend was all about family and birthdays! August is birthday for Sammy, Dana and Popo. And we threw in Grandpa's early since they will be out of town on his actual birthday. Yesterday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner and had a good time seeing everyone, including Nanny! Today we went over to my Mom's house to celebrate Chris's birthday. The girls had a great time helping to decorate the cake and visiting with Aunt Rhonda. The night ended with a special bath in Nana's huge garden tub, which was a special treat.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rice Activity

Izzie and Maddie playing rice. It's been awhile since I got out this activity!  

It started out so nice and neat and then ended up like this.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Still enjoying this weather

This morning I woke up in a terrific mood. The girls slept in a bit and so I got some extra sleep too, which helped me feel refreshed. We ate breakfast and headed off to our playdate. The weather was so crisp (okay... crisp compared to the temps we were having, not like "real" fall crisp) and it just was so pleasant! We got to the playgroup at Melanie's house to play with her kids, plus Alison and her boys. The kids must have felt the great mood too, because everyone played so nicely together. Melanie served up a terrific lunch, like usual, and we left full and happy.

Naptime came and went without much sleep. Seems like my streak of awesome naps has come to a halt this past week. You can tell it by looking at my house too. When the girls nap, my house gets clean. I am much more productive during that part of the day. By the time bedtime rolls around, I'm usually too tired to clean house!

After nap, John, the girls and I decided to go to Fry's Electronics to pick up a few things we've been needing. The girls were not so great. That store is huge, with wide aisles and they thought that was invitation to run around like monkeys. John and I weren't happy. Ended up that we told the girls they didn't get to watch any tv tonight or tomorrow. (They still don't watch much tv as it is, so taking away their one show a day was a big deal.) On the way home they were very quiet and they told us they were sorry for making bad choices at the store.

Later that evening after they ate a fantastic dinner, we all went outside in the backyard to enjoy the breeze. The girls were playing soccer (well they were kicking the ball around a bunch.) And then they discovered the bucket of water I had out there from yesterday. They were soaked in a matter of minutes, giggling the entire time. I guess the fresh air (and no nap) wore them out because they fell asleep in record time tonight.

The girls playing "McDonald's" at Melanie's house. (Maddie, Izzie, Maddie and Sydney)
Ford and Jake

Maddie found this cute play silverware and cup and made a little pretend snack for herself at Melanie's.

Maddie and Izzie playing with dolls
Maddie running outside, kicking the ball.  

Izzie and Maddie playing in the water.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Just enjoying the beautiful day from our front porch.

Maddie playing with chalk. 

Izzie running.
Izzie and Maddie running some more.
Izzie and Maddie, they were coloring around a hole in the cement.

More running... Maddie.
"Hey, Izzie, you've got some chalk on your face, right there!"
Maddie: "I didn't eat my cucumber last night and now I can't reach it! I'm not big and tall!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Break from the heat

Today we woke up to a very nice surprise! It was raining outside. I loved hearing the rain beating on my windowpanes. After a record number of 100 degree plus days this summer the rain also brought in another treat. The high was only 89 today! Our morning started off pretty slow, we were just playing and having a good time, when I called mom to see what she was up to. Somehow it was decided to go over there for a couple of hours to play, enjoy the rain and bake some banana bread. I love the rain at moms house because she has so many windows to watch it from.

Well luck would have it that just after we got in her house (walking through the rain to get in) the rain came to a complete halt. Even so, we had a good time just hanging out. The girls played with the huge lego set that Mom and Chris got off of Freecycle a while back. Then there was the bread baking. Maddie and Izzie were great at smashing up bananas for the recipe. They were very patient adding in the eggs and flour and even helped me measure the oil. They had to smell (and taste) the vanilla as it was going in and they were so excited to see the final mixture go into the oven. It was fun baking together with my mom and my kids today!

Yesterday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's country club to go swimming. The pool was perfect for the kids, since it was only about two feet deep. Sabrina and Julie were there too, so the cousins had fun swimming together. Maddie was super brave and she just took over that pool like she owned it. She got in the little floaty that Grandma brought and she was kicking and "swimming" all over the pool. Izzie was a bit unsure and nervous about being able to touch the bottom, but I know she had a good time too. Even today they were talking about swimming in Grandma's Club Pool.

Maddie, Momma, Sabrina, Grandpa, Julie and Izzie  


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cute Conversation

It didn't start out so cute, but it ended cute. Maddie and Izzie are playing pretend food with their baby dolls, Sarah and Emma. Both Sarah and Emma were in their little high chairs that Uncle Larry made the girls last Christmas. Izzie had given Sarah a breakfast and Maddie was feeding Emma. When suddenly Maddie threw Sarah's food on the floor! I told Maddie that Sarah was very sad that she did that and would she please say sorry to Sarah and Izzie. We talked about that isn't how we show love. Maddie picked Baby Doll Sarah up and gave her a big hug and kiss. Then she said sorry to Izzie.

Izzie looked Sarah over from head to toe and declared she had a booboo on her knee and she needed a bandaid I told Izzie she'd just have to use a pretend bandaid today. Both girls just paused and looked around for a bit. I thought they were onto something else. But they were scanning the available toys that were on the toy room floor. Maddie suddenly exclaimed: "That sticker would be a good bandaid!" And Izzie said, "Oh, okay!" Sure enough there was a sticker leftover from yesterday's play on the carpet (mothers just LOVE how stickers get EVERYWHERE! hummmmm....) Baby Doll Sarah got her bandage and the play continued....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Morning Gymnastics

Izzie jumping, Maddie in background.
Maddie on the bar.
Izzie, Madison and Sydney on the bar.

Maddie and Izzie getting stickers and stamps from Coach Steve.
Nothing too exciting this morning. The girls had a great time at gymnastics and they did pretty good with all the elements today. One thing about gymnastics day is that naps are usually long! Both girls wore themselves out. Today for lunch I made the girls a fun sandwich. Since today is the first day of school for the five and older crowd, the web is full of lunch ideas. I made the girls a cream cheese and strawberry sandwich on whole wheat bread. They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Tomorrow we are going swimming with Grandma and Grandpa at their country club. The girls are excited to try out a new pool and to spend time with their grandparents. I think cousin Sabrina will be there too, should be a fun morning!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sammy's 6th Birthday Party

My nephew Sammy, celebrated his sixth birthday yesterday. He (and his Mom) decided that a McDonald's birthday party was the way to go. It worked out pretty great. There was a big indoor play area, party treats, chicken nuggets, ice cream and cake. For the six and under crowd it was the way to go!

Tomorrow Sammy heads off to Kindergarten for the first time. I'm sure you can read more about it at my Sister-in-law's blog Julaver. He's the first of the cousins to head off to that big milestone, which means for me, Julie gets to learn how to navigate the school system and teach me when it's time for the girls to go. I'll be thinking of him early tomorrow morning as he's entering his classroom. I hope he has a great teacher and a great year!

Izzie and Maddie at Sammy's party.

Sabrina, Chris, Sammy

Izzie up in the play area.
Before the party, Izzie and Maddie listening to Daddy read them Winnie-the-Pooh.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Izzie, tummy ache

This morning my Mom and Chris watched the girls so I could catch up with my friend Ashley. She was a stay-at-home-mom that joined the work force so I haven't seen her much lately! About 40 minutes or so before I was headed back to pick up the girls for nap, Mom calls me and Izzie was crying in the background. First my tummy dropped to the ground since I had no idea what was wrong! Apparently Izzie had a really bad tummy ache and Mom wanted to know if I wanted to anything specific. We decided she'd just rub Izzie's tummy and work it out. I'd finish up my lunch and then head over to pick her up.

When I got there, Izzie was sound asleep peacefully in the middle of Nanna and Popo's bed. Instead of waking her up, we decided to let her sleep. I brought Maddie home and put her down. So when Maddie wakes up, I'll go back over to Mom's to pick up Izzie.

When Maddie and I drove up to our house, a policewoman was across from our driveway. I was nervous getting Maddie out of the car until I figured out what was going on. Apparently my neighbor called the police because of a suspicious car. It turned out to belong to someone down the block. It's a good thing that I have neighbors who are willing to call the police for suspicious activity! Since everything was safe, I took Maddie into the house and put her down. She fell asleep almost immediately. It feels very strange only having one napping child in my house though, I can tell you that!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Singing in the rain

Maddie and Izzie heading out in the drizzle.
A few times (okay, maybe more than a few times...) every summer I think to myself, "It is so HOT! I can't wait until winter!" Then of course winter gets here and I find myself longing for the warm summer days. Every once in awhile you've got to stop thinking about the future and enjoy the now. Especially if every now is filled with longing for the future, you are never living in the moment. This evening was definately one of those MOMENTS.

We were cleaning up the toy room getting ready to read a couple of books and then go take a bath and head to bed. The normal evening routine around here. John walked by a window and said, "Wow, it's sorta kinda of raining out there." Since we've had over a month of 100 degree plus days, rain has been scarce. I had an inspiration. A barely sort of rain was perfect chance for the girls to play with their umbrella's that Popo had gotten them a couple of weeks ago. A pouring rain would have been too much for them, but this was just right. So I told the girls to grab their umbrellas and we abandoned the toy room mess and headed outside.

John was right, it was a barely there sort of rain, but the girls thought it was neat. I had to run back in for my camera because they looked so cute marching up and down the sidewalk with their tiger umbrellas. Then the wind picked up a bit and the umbrellas got unwieldy. I told the girls to ditch them and help me dance in the rain. It still wasn't coming down too hard but it was just perfect. Maddie and Izzie kept saying, "Momma, you are getting wet!" I told them they were getting wet too! They were giggling and singing and marching and twirling. Then Daddy came out and said it was time for bath.

We made the executive decision to skip bath and dance in the rain for a bit longer. At about that time the girls discovered the puddle that had formed at the end of the driveway and I taught them how to splash in it. Maddie wanted to lay down and swim in it but I convinced her it was a much better splashing puddle than swimming puddle. Just as it was time to go inside for bed, the rain stopped. A perfect end to a perfect moment.

Maddie and Izzie having fun with their umbrellas.

The wind picked up and Maddie was having a hard time holding her umbrella.

Izzie's almost blew away!

So we ditched them and just ran up and down the sidewalk in the rain.
Ring around the Rosie in the Rain.
As I tucked the girls in tonight, Izzie touched my cheeks and said, "Momma, I had fun dancing with you in the rain tonight." Maddie then asked me for a kiss and said, "Me too." Girls... let me tell you right now, Momma had a wonderful time dancing with you too.