Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The start of something great

I wasn't sure whether or not to post this on The Frickin Chicken, since it is food related, or here. That's the problem with more than one blog! By the way if you haven't been to the Frickin Chicken in awhile, stop by and drop me a line. There's a lot of good recipes (or at least I think so!) happening over there! And if you are wondering where I got the name, make sure to read this page.

Back to my project... I'm working on organizing my pantry. This is a small corner but surprisingly I use this corner more than any other part lately. I've been buying in bulk (which saves money) and I got tired of all the millions of plastic bags the bulk items came in. Plus they were hard to use. These glass jars range from $1.50- $9.00 and make cooking a much more pleasant experience. I started a project with painting chalkboard paint on a few of the jars and I want to do it to more of them. I'm also going to do the paint a bit wider since it's  hard to write small with chalk.

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