Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wisconsin Photos: Special Memories Zoo

Upon arrival, from the looks of it, I wasn't too impressed. But it turned out to be a really awesome little zoo!

Maddie, Daddy and Izzie looking at a colorful bird.

Daddy, Maddie and Grandma

Maddie kept saying the white deer was her favorite animal. John thinks she was talking about this Oryx. Not sure though.


Poor Sabrina wasn't feeling well (that's why the binky and the banky came along.) She even slept for part of the tour... so UN-Sabrina like, we all knew she must have been feeling bad.

Izzie and Maddie petting my favorite animal of the day... a giant tortise!

Daddy walking with his girls. (Izzie, Maddie)

Izzie and Maddie waiting for the train, which turned out to be a tram, which still was a fun adventure.

The petting zoo was pretty spectacular. Here's Maddie petting a lamb.

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