Friday, June 25, 2010

Wisconsin Photos: Park

Photos go a with this post: Saying Goodbye

Izzie and Maddie. I passed this park while driving around and I knew I had to come back to it before we left town. It is a really great kids park! I wish there were more like it near my house.

Reason 256 of why I had twins. The See-Saw. It was my favorite thing on the playground when I was a kid and my sister was too little to play with me. Maddie and Izzie thought it was pretty fun!

Maddie is getting to be a pro at the big kid swing. Izzie is more like me and doesn't really like swinging.

Izzie and Maddie went down this slide about a million times.

And they had to climb this to get to the slide. Which I think is most of the reason they loved the slide so much. I need one of these in my backyard.

We didn't bring many toys on the trip, so by the end of the week, the ones we brought were looking pretty boring. John saw these poker chips in the room we were staying and he dumped them all out. Maddie and Izzie both had a great time sorting the colors back into their slots. Then when they were almost finished they dumped them all out again.

The room we were staying in at Jim and Judy's house was SO perfect.  There was plenty of room for a bed, the girls' sleep tents, a table, couch and we had our own bathroom. Couldn't ask for better. I'm so glad I got to get to know Jim and Judy both a bunch better during our stay too. I spent most nights sitting up with Judy visiting until we were both really tired.

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