Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wisconsin Photos: Hanging Out

These pictures are mostly hanging out and some from our dinner at the Darby Club.

Eating Dinner at the Darby Club with a bunch of the gang.

Izzie drinking water out of a big girl cup.

Maddie was proud of her big girl cup too. (Mom... doesn't Maddie look like my cousin Lisa here?? Or is it just me?)

Time to color at Betty's. Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie.

Nanny and Izzie talking up a storm.

Izzie and Betty.

The girls spent a lot of time playing Ring Around the Rosie. Here's Izzie Sabrina and Maddie.

More "rosie" as Izzie calls it. (Izzie, Maddie and Sabrina)

Grandma looking at pictures on her camera with Sabrina, Izzie and Maddie.

I was talking about how cute Izzie's hair was and then she started posing for photos! They ate their snack at Judy's bar every afternoon.

Maddie was laughing at something funny here.

Isabelle and Madeline.

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