Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend of busy fun

This past weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday was crazy busy for me. I woke up at 6:15 and I didn't stop until my head hit the pillow around 11pm. My friend, Melanie, was having a garage sale Saturday morning and she said I could come by and sell stuff if I wanted to. Since my house is overflowing with junk lately, I jumped at the chance to both spend the morning with her and get rid of some junk. We all did great at the sale. There was a non-stop flow of people, we finally closed up because we'd pretty much sold out of everything! We were hot, very sweaty and we needed some down time before jumping back into the roll of "Mom."

John had the girls all morning, and Garrett was watching Melanie's girls all morning. We batted our eyes and got the go to go out to lunch and spend some of our winnings from the garage sale. We didn't even care that we were filthy. We went to our favorite lunch spot, which is actually a dainty little luncheon place that does teas. It was pretty silly of us to be there so sweaty, but neither of us cared. The tea was ice cold and yummy and the food was delicious as always. Then back home we went.

I got home right about the time to get the girls up from the nap that they did not take. I gathered up all of our swim gear and took them over to my Mom's house to go swimming. They were proud to show Nana and Popo their new skills. Chris's friend, Wilbur, was in town visiting and he brought his two HUGE Alaskan Malmuts. The girls got to meet them while they were in the cage. Eventually Maddie got brave enough to pet Harry. He was so big he towered over her! After a great dinner of grilled hamburgers, I took the girls home to put them to sleep. After all the swimming, they went right down. I went back over to Mom's to visit some more.

Yesterday was mostly down time in the morning, which was good since I was exhausted from the previous day. Then John had the guys over to play D&D. After D&D, the girls, John and I went out to buy a new remote control since our old one died. Then we went to dinner at John's favorite local pizza place.

This morning we don't have many plans. The girls are playing dress up. I brought out some of their Christmas toys that I had put away. They were so excited, they decided that Santa brought them to them. I'm not sure where they came up with that, maybe they remembered getting them at Christmas? They did open them, but they got so many toys, I put a bunch away and have brought them out here and there. Maddie put on her wings and crown, sat in her chair and said, "I'm so pretty, take a picture Momma!" What a ham!


 Izzie wanted her picture take too!

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