Monday, June 21, 2010

Swim Class

This morning I took the girls outside at 9am to play in the sprinkler. It was already too hot. We managed to stay outside for 30 minutes, but the three of us were miserably hot. I guess I need to save that for a day when there are few clouds in the sky or at least a whisp of a breeze! It didn't help that the grass had just been cut and there were clippings everywhere. The grass stuck to us and felt icky-sticky. Overall we did have fun. But we were so sticky and covered in grass that I gave the girls a bath afterwards. Maddie was okay with that after I told her that, "No, we weren't going night-night after the bath!"

This evening was our first swim class with Aqua-Fit Plano. It was amazing. Our instructor was Mimi Connors and she was superb with the kids (and the parents.) We learned different ways to hold the girls to teach them to kick, reach, blow bubbles and even went under water 3 times. She said that the American Red Cross recommends that new swimmers don't get submerged more than 3 times at any given block of time in the pool. Surpisingly enough, Maddie LOVED it. She kept saying, "Again, again!" It was a great class, and best of all it wore them out and now they are sound asleep.

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