Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Story Time

Maddie and Izzie enjoying a popsicle that we made the other day.

Today was story time. It's been quite a few weeks since we've been because the program took a break and then we went on vacation. I was excited to get the girls back to one of their favorite activities. Last time we went, I noticed that the kids their age were sitting on the floor and mostly babies were sitting in their parent's laps. They were getting to big to both sit on my lap anyway and it was getting frustrating for me. So I told them today that they were big kids and that they had to sit on the floor. They did not like that at all, but they complied. Well, at first they just stood at the back of the room with me, but they finally did sit down. I even had to leave the room for a second because someone said a van matching my description  had an alarm going off in the parking lot. I figured they would get upset when I left the room, but they did fine.

After storytime, we went to Home Depot for a quick trip to get some mulch for the flower beds. It is so nice that I can now do these quick errands without it being a huge production. We were in and out of the store without hardly any trouble at all.

Tonight was a bit disappointing. We got ready to go to swim class in the pouring down rain (our swim class is indoors, one of the main reasons I decided to use them, so I didn't have to worry about weather) but we didn't make it to class. About five minutes from home we got stuck behind a major wreck on the freeway and had to sit for about 25 minutes. By the time we were allowed to pass, we would have made it to class just as it was ending. I was very disappointed, but the girls handled it well.

Izzie and Maddie reading books before story time.

Maddie and Izzie in storytime.

 Buying mulch at Home Depot with Maddie and Izzie.

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