Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saying good bye is so hard to do

Today in some ways was a bit crummy. It was the last day of vacation, so there was good byes to say and packing to do. The weather was a bit gloomy, but not quite rainy. I think for me, the best ends are ones that go out with a bang. The day should be so full of activities that all you can do is have fun and you aren't thinking about the trip home that will be happening early the next morning. My husband on the other hand, wants the last day to be relaxing and easy with not any plans, except those of packing. We usually have to find some sort of compromise. The weather and everyone elses' activities sort of sided with his way of doing things and we ended up not doing too much. It would have been a relaxing day, but the girls were cranky (probably picking up on my mood) and so that just made things more frustrating.

We did spend a great morning here at Jim and Judy's just taking it easy and letting the girls play and be silly. Judy and I took a run to Target (I made it to Target in Wisconsin, can't go a whole week without visiting that store, it seems!) for diapers and a few snacks for the road tomorrow. Jim played blocks with the girls and they finally started talking to him (but just a bit!) Then it was to Betty's house for some more visiting, lunch and hanging around. We came back for a naptime that did not happen. Finally I took the girls to the park to play so that John could start packing. (Who am I kidding? He'd started packing earlier than that!) I had driven past an awesome park on the way to Target and I had to let the girls check it out.

It was a COOL playground! I wish we had more like it in Texas. I swear, if that park had been anywhere near where I lived on a day like today (even though it was gloomy, it wasn't hot!) it would have been jammed. Instead there were only a handful of kids at it. We played for a good 45 minutes or so and then met Grandpa at Payless Shoe Store. He wanted to buy the girls some shoes of their choosing. Except two year olds don't know what they want. So in the end we choose for them!

Back to Jim and Judy's for a yummy dinner of grilled brats and then... yep... back to Betty's for the "goodbyes." I'm so glad I had a chance to come to Wisconsin and meet all the family here. I felt so welcome and like I always belonged. The hospitality is out of this world. I cannot thank Jim and Judy enough for letting us come into their home and let us make it our own. Their generosity was above and beyond.

Now the car is packed up and the girls are tucked in. I'm going to go say a few more good byes and then it's hopefully a good nights sleep and a long drive home.

(ps.. just had to add. John even packed the clothes off my back. As I was rocking one of the girls good night he took off my shoes to add to the suitcase! Hahaha... gotta love him!)

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