Sunday, June 20, 2010

The past couple of days

I interrupt your photo viewing for an update of the past week:

This past few days has been all about getting back in the groove. For some reason, being gone for about a week and a half can make you've been gone for a month. Catching up on laundry and unpacking is no fun. It means the vacation is over and it's time to get back to gettin' on. It hasn't helped this go around that during our second day of our drive home, John started running a fever and generally was feeling miserable... which has continued on for most of the week.

Mom and Chris took the girls on Wednesday morning, the day after we returned home. This gave John and I a chance to recharge and go to the grocery store. Because after driving for two days, adults are tired, but after a good nights sleep 2 year olds are like brand new all over again. Go figure.

Thursday I had signed the girls up for a four week dance class. It is a promotion so the class is free. It didn't go so well. It was the first class where the girls had to go off by themselves while the mommies stayed in the lobby. Melanie's girls, Madison and Sydney were also in the class. Three of our girls plastered themselves to the dance studio door and would not move and were crying very loudly. The other girl (Izzie) was sitting on the dance floor where I left her, not budging, but still crying. After about 10 minutes the instructors brought the girls out and told us to try again next week. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, the girls and I went to lunch with Nana and Popo. It was supposed to be swimming in the morning, but somehow the morning got away from me and so we just did lunch instead, rescheduling the swimming for Saturday.

Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market. The only reason I went was to get Tamales from the Tamale Company, who was a no-show at the market. I was a bit irritated, but it did get us out of the house for the morning and the girls got to play a the park at the mall for a bit. It also made the girls tired because they took a great nap. When they woke up we went swimming at Nana's with Popo and Aunt Rhonda.

Today we are celebrating Father's day. My husband is hands down the best father any little girl could wish for. I love watching him with Maddie and Izzie. Later this afternoon we are going over to Grandma and
Grandpa's house to celebrate Father's day and Nanny's birthday.

Update on Toddler Beds: Nana and Popo set up the girl's toddler beds while we were gone, so they came home to BIG girl beds. This worked out great because they were in Kidco Peapod Tents all week. We don't zip them in the tents, but we did stay in the room with them until they fell asleep. So they had a week of, "Stay in your bed and go to sleep." When we got home, they did awesome. They mostly stay in their bed at night time. Naptime has been hit or miss, but overall it's going great. (Knock on wood!) I have some great pictures but I'm so far behind on photos, I'm not sure when I'll ever get caught up!!!

 Maddie and Izzie see their beds for the first time!

Maddie and Izzie and their beds.

"Snore" (It is dark in their room, but the flash really lit it up!)

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Katherine said...

Your constant talking about food got me to thinking about something. You are constantly talking about cooking healthy food with fresh ingredients, however you seem to have gained weight over the course of this blog. Clearly you are making good choices with the TYPE of food you eat, but are you teaching your children portion control? I mean, you have to eat a LOT of that healthy food to continue GAINING weight like that. I am sorry if this comes off as mean, but you need to think about your daughters. Childhood obesity is becoming more and more common, and it starts with the parents setting a bad example. Do you want them to grow up having to shop in the plus size section at dress barn on the way to the doctor's to get their heart medication and diabetes check up? I understand that a good example wasn't set for you (I saw your mother, she is very large, and your sister seems to be the opposite, there definitely isn't a history of healthy eating habits in your family) and it is very difficult to exercise self-control when you are so used to eating as much as you want, but you NEED to look out for them. You are lucky that you didn't have problems with your pregnancy (thank god) because obese mothers commonly have many issues with their pregnancies. You really shouldn't have tried for children while you were in that state, and I know it's hard to lose baby weight but you've GAINED. Again I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but you must face the reality and do the right thing for your kids. Learn about portion control and how to exercise to burn fat and calories and you will feel better and teach your children by example how to be healthy. Even if you already show them, how can they take you seriously? And don't you want to be around for them for as long as possible. If you won't do it for yourself or your husband, at least do it for your kids.