Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10th - Day 5

Bay Beach. This morning we took the kids to Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay with the Grandparents. It was an absolute blast. The rides are all a quarter and there are so many rides that are perfect for 2 year olds! Maddie and Izzie had a great time. They kept walking around saying, "I'm having so much fun!" It was too cute to hear them say that. At first we did the Merry Go Round, Maddie was apprehensive at first, but I was so proud when she changed her mind and got on. When the ride stopped Izzie did NOT want to get down! We finally convinced her that it was the other kids turn to ride and that we were going to go on the choo-choo. Grandma was going to take them on by herself but Maddie wanted me to ride with her. Halfway through the ride she turns to Grandma and says, "Grandma, I love you everytime. I love you!"

They rode little cars, bugs, and boats. Most of the rides were exactly the same with different vehicles, but the kids didn't care. The airplane ride was the "scary" ride as it went up and down and round and round. Maddie said her favorite ride of the day was the lady bug ride and Izzie said the airplane ride was her favorite. Bay Beach is a really great place. There was so much to do, we could have easily stayed there for an hour or more longer, but we had to get back to eat some lunch and grab a bit of a nap before the gathering at Cindy's house tonight.

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