Thursday, June 24, 2010

Classes & Photos

I took the girls back to Dance class today. Last week they were excused from class about 8 or so minutes in because they wouldn't stop crying. This time they cried for about 5 minutes and then they just sat on the sideline and watched the other kids dance. This is a step in the right direction. Perhaps next week they will join in?

Then tonight was day four of swim class. That went really well today! Day one they loved class, day two was a bit of a disappointment because our instructor wasn't there and the sub had to teach from outside the water. It's an indoor pool and it was really loud and echo-y so hard to hear her. Yesterday Maddie had fun with me, but Izzie cried the entire time. Today both girls did awesome. Izzie was with me and she fussed at the beginning but after a few minutes she got into it and she was having a blast! Their favorite thing to do is hang on the side of the pool. I guess because they get freedom away from us holding them. They are doing really great about going under water. They don't start choking or anything. There must be a natural reflex to hold your mouth shut or something. We only hold them under for a split second but still.... We also have been working on floating, kicking and reaching out with our arms. They love all the silly songs and games we play too. It's a really great class.

Tomorrow should be interesting. John and I have a dentist appointment. We are taking the girls so that they can watch us get our teeth cleaned. (I'm going first so John can watch the girls, then he's going so I can watch them, and take them home if they start to get fussy at this point.) They have their appointment coming up soon. I want them to see us get our teeth cleaned so that way they won't be scared when it is their turn.

I posted TODDLER BED photos HERE.

Some more pics from the past couple of days: 

Maddie and Izzie playing in the sprinkler.

Izzie and Maddie reading to all of their animals and dolls.

Izzie cooking in my apron.

Maddie wearing an apron too.

Maddie and Sabrina watching a show together at Grandma's house on Father's Day.

Izzie loved the poached Tarragon Fish I made a few nights ago. We've also been giving them big girl cups a couple of times.

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