Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Story Time

Maddie and Izzie enjoying a popsicle that we made the other day.

Today was story time. It's been quite a few weeks since we've been because the program took a break and then we went on vacation. I was excited to get the girls back to one of their favorite activities. Last time we went, I noticed that the kids their age were sitting on the floor and mostly babies were sitting in their parent's laps. They were getting to big to both sit on my lap anyway and it was getting frustrating for me. So I told them today that they were big kids and that they had to sit on the floor. They did not like that at all, but they complied. Well, at first they just stood at the back of the room with me, but they finally did sit down. I even had to leave the room for a second because someone said a van matching my description  had an alarm going off in the parking lot. I figured they would get upset when I left the room, but they did fine.

After storytime, we went to Home Depot for a quick trip to get some mulch for the flower beds. It is so nice that I can now do these quick errands without it being a huge production. We were in and out of the store without hardly any trouble at all.

Tonight was a bit disappointing. We got ready to go to swim class in the pouring down rain (our swim class is indoors, one of the main reasons I decided to use them, so I didn't have to worry about weather) but we didn't make it to class. About five minutes from home we got stuck behind a major wreck on the freeway and had to sit for about 25 minutes. By the time we were allowed to pass, we would have made it to class just as it was ending. I was very disappointed, but the girls handled it well.

Izzie and Maddie reading books before story time.

Maddie and Izzie in storytime.

 Buying mulch at Home Depot with Maddie and Izzie.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wisconsin Photos: Hotel Stay on the Way Home

The very last of the vacation photos... perhaps I'll be able to catch up to my blog now!

Izzie trying on Daddy's sunglasses

Maddie and Izzie coloring in the hotel... trying to wind them down a bit....

Because they were full out running from one end of the room to the next.

Checking out the computer desk and doing some dancing.

What is this thing???

Well that's the very end of the photos I took from our Wisconsin trip. Hopefully now, I'll get my blog back on track and do my (almost) every day posts.

Momma and Me Monday

After a long dip in the pool where we slathered on a ton of sunblock, Maddie and Izzie were HUNGRY! Nanna and I were trying to get dinner on the table, but we figured a quick yogurt smoothie would go a long way to stop the whines. Since I was in a hurry, I just stuck two straws in the container and told the girls to go to town! This is a yummy yogurt smoothie from Lucky Layla Farms.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend of busy fun

This past weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday was crazy busy for me. I woke up at 6:15 and I didn't stop until my head hit the pillow around 11pm. My friend, Melanie, was having a garage sale Saturday morning and she said I could come by and sell stuff if I wanted to. Since my house is overflowing with junk lately, I jumped at the chance to both spend the morning with her and get rid of some junk. We all did great at the sale. There was a non-stop flow of people, we finally closed up because we'd pretty much sold out of everything! We were hot, very sweaty and we needed some down time before jumping back into the roll of "Mom."

John had the girls all morning, and Garrett was watching Melanie's girls all morning. We batted our eyes and got the go to go out to lunch and spend some of our winnings from the garage sale. We didn't even care that we were filthy. We went to our favorite lunch spot, which is actually a dainty little luncheon place that does teas. It was pretty silly of us to be there so sweaty, but neither of us cared. The tea was ice cold and yummy and the food was delicious as always. Then back home we went.

I got home right about the time to get the girls up from the nap that they did not take. I gathered up all of our swim gear and took them over to my Mom's house to go swimming. They were proud to show Nana and Popo their new skills. Chris's friend, Wilbur, was in town visiting and he brought his two HUGE Alaskan Malmuts. The girls got to meet them while they were in the cage. Eventually Maddie got brave enough to pet Harry. He was so big he towered over her! After a great dinner of grilled hamburgers, I took the girls home to put them to sleep. After all the swimming, they went right down. I went back over to Mom's to visit some more.

Yesterday was mostly down time in the morning, which was good since I was exhausted from the previous day. Then John had the guys over to play D&D. After D&D, the girls, John and I went out to buy a new remote control since our old one died. Then we went to dinner at John's favorite local pizza place.

This morning we don't have many plans. The girls are playing dress up. I brought out some of their Christmas toys that I had put away. They were so excited, they decided that Santa brought them to them. I'm not sure where they came up with that, maybe they remembered getting them at Christmas? They did open them, but they got so many toys, I put a bunch away and have brought them out here and there. Maddie put on her wings and crown, sat in her chair and said, "I'm so pretty, take a picture Momma!" What a ham!


 Izzie wanted her picture take too!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wisconsin Photos: Park

Photos go a with this post: Saying Goodbye

Izzie and Maddie. I passed this park while driving around and I knew I had to come back to it before we left town. It is a really great kids park! I wish there were more like it near my house.

Reason 256 of why I had twins. The See-Saw. It was my favorite thing on the playground when I was a kid and my sister was too little to play with me. Maddie and Izzie thought it was pretty fun!

Maddie is getting to be a pro at the big kid swing. Izzie is more like me and doesn't really like swinging.

Izzie and Maddie went down this slide about a million times.

And they had to climb this to get to the slide. Which I think is most of the reason they loved the slide so much. I need one of these in my backyard.

We didn't bring many toys on the trip, so by the end of the week, the ones we brought were looking pretty boring. John saw these poker chips in the room we were staying and he dumped them all out. Maddie and Izzie both had a great time sorting the colors back into their slots. Then when they were almost finished they dumped them all out again.

The room we were staying in at Jim and Judy's house was SO perfect.  There was plenty of room for a bed, the girls' sleep tents, a table, couch and we had our own bathroom. Couldn't ask for better. I'm so glad I got to get to know Jim and Judy both a bunch better during our stay too. I spent most nights sitting up with Judy visiting until we were both really tired.

Pre-Dentist visit

The girls have a dentist appointment coming up soon. Now days they recommend a first dentist appointment as early as two! Well, my girls tend to be very timid in new situations so I decided to plan a family trip to the dentist since John and I were both due for a cleaning anyway. I scheduled back-to-back appointments for John and I. When I made the appointment I told the receptionist I was planning on bringing in my two 2.5yr olds to watch so they could see us get our teeth cleaned. In order to get the back-to-back appointments we had to schedule almost 2 months out, but we did it!

So today, was the day. Yesterday, we talked about going to the dentist and what he was going to do. They were excited to see the Tooth Doctor today. We took separate cars, because I figured they might not want to sit through two cleanings. I went first and John was in charge of the girls. He held them up so they could see what the hygienist was doing in my mouth. At one point they got really enthusiastic and Izzie let out a loud squeal. My mommy instinct kicked in and I said, "Indoor voice!" without thinking about the fact that the hygienist had her hand in my mouth with a sharp tool. She laughed and said she had kids too so she understood when I said, "Sorry! instinct!" After I was finished (and may I add, cavity free!) they got to watch Daddy get his teeth cleaned for a bit before it was time for me to take them home for a nap. The dentist gave them each their own toothbrush for being good watchers and they had me brush their teeth right before naptime!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Classes & Photos

I took the girls back to Dance class today. Last week they were excused from class about 8 or so minutes in because they wouldn't stop crying. This time they cried for about 5 minutes and then they just sat on the sideline and watched the other kids dance. This is a step in the right direction. Perhaps next week they will join in?

Then tonight was day four of swim class. That went really well today! Day one they loved class, day two was a bit of a disappointment because our instructor wasn't there and the sub had to teach from outside the water. It's an indoor pool and it was really loud and echo-y so hard to hear her. Yesterday Maddie had fun with me, but Izzie cried the entire time. Today both girls did awesome. Izzie was with me and she fussed at the beginning but after a few minutes she got into it and she was having a blast! Their favorite thing to do is hang on the side of the pool. I guess because they get freedom away from us holding them. They are doing really great about going under water. They don't start choking or anything. There must be a natural reflex to hold your mouth shut or something. We only hold them under for a split second but still.... We also have been working on floating, kicking and reaching out with our arms. They love all the silly songs and games we play too. It's a really great class.

Tomorrow should be interesting. John and I have a dentist appointment. We are taking the girls so that they can watch us get our teeth cleaned. (I'm going first so John can watch the girls, then he's going so I can watch them, and take them home if they start to get fussy at this point.) They have their appointment coming up soon. I want them to see us get our teeth cleaned so that way they won't be scared when it is their turn.

I posted TODDLER BED photos HERE.

Some more pics from the past couple of days: 

Maddie and Izzie playing in the sprinkler.

Izzie and Maddie reading to all of their animals and dolls.

Izzie cooking in my apron.

Maddie wearing an apron too.

Maddie and Sabrina watching a show together at Grandma's house on Father's Day.

Izzie loved the poached Tarragon Fish I made a few nights ago. We've also been giving them big girl cups a couple of times.

Wisconsin Photos: Special Memories Zoo

Upon arrival, from the looks of it, I wasn't too impressed. But it turned out to be a really awesome little zoo!

Maddie, Daddy and Izzie looking at a colorful bird.

Daddy, Maddie and Grandma

Maddie kept saying the white deer was her favorite animal. John thinks she was talking about this Oryx. Not sure though.


Poor Sabrina wasn't feeling well (that's why the binky and the banky came along.) She even slept for part of the tour... so UN-Sabrina like, we all knew she must have been feeling bad.

Izzie and Maddie petting my favorite animal of the day... a giant tortise!

Daddy walking with his girls. (Izzie, Maddie)

Izzie and Maddie waiting for the train, which turned out to be a tram, which still was a fun adventure.

The petting zoo was pretty spectacular. Here's Maddie petting a lamb.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wisconsin Photos: Hanging Out

These pictures are mostly hanging out and some from our dinner at the Darby Club.

Eating Dinner at the Darby Club with a bunch of the gang.

Izzie drinking water out of a big girl cup.

Maddie was proud of her big girl cup too. (Mom... doesn't Maddie look like my cousin Lisa here?? Or is it just me?)

Time to color at Betty's. Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie.

Nanny and Izzie talking up a storm.

Izzie and Betty.

The girls spent a lot of time playing Ring Around the Rosie. Here's Izzie Sabrina and Maddie.

More "rosie" as Izzie calls it. (Izzie, Maddie and Sabrina)

Grandma looking at pictures on her camera with Sabrina, Izzie and Maddie.

I was talking about how cute Izzie's hair was and then she started posing for photos! They ate their snack at Judy's bar every afternoon.

Maddie was laughing at something funny here.

Isabelle and Madeline.

Wisconsin Photos: Bay Beach

These photos go with the Bay Beach Post:

Izzie in a little car ride.

Izzie and Maddie on the boat ride.

Maddie and Izzie on the "big" airplane ride.

Maddie and Izzie racing cars.

Maddie, Momma and Izzie on the Merry-Go-Ride.