Monday, May 17, 2010

PAMOM Board Retreat, Sunglasses and Tea

Last night was the annual PAMOM (Plano Area Mothers of Multiples) Board Retreat. Here is Melanie, our new President speaking.

I took a picture of that half of the room, but didn't get the half I was sitting on. Our club has over 400 members and we have about 50 "Board" positions! This year I'm VP of Helping Hands.

In other news... Maddie, Izzie and I are definitely sick.Well, all we have is a cough, no other symptoms but it sucks. All three of us are coughing almost continuously. We had a very low key day again today, since activity makes the coughing worse. Although the girls haven't left the house since last Wednesday (I think?) which is a very long span for them, so they are going a bit stir crazy. Hopefully we can get out tomorrow just for a little bit!

 The girls have fallen in love with these sunglasses mom bought them for last summer. I thought they were too small this year, but they actually fit better than they did last year. Izzie likes to wear them like this right above her eyes, but she wears them correctly too, or around her neck like a necklace (they have a strap that goes all the way around.)

Maddie sporting her yellow pair.

In an attempt to quell some of the coughing this afternoon I make the girls some "lukewarm" tea. It has lemon and honey in it. Maddie sort of liked it, Izzie dumped hers all out. We are still learning how to drink out of a cup!

Here is Izzie trying her tea.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Izzie looks like such a grown-up holding her tea! :)

Amanda said...

I got those mugs from my mema, they are the perfect size for the girls!