Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Super Jam Packed Day

We sure hit the road running this morning and didn't slow down a bit. Today was library day, a day that the girls are really looking forward to and enjoying. Twice a month, I have meetings on Tuesday nights (when Daddy puts the girls to bed.) And the girls have library the next day. They've figured out that correlation we think because last night as John was tucking them in, they asked if they got to see Ms. Dea at the library tomorrow. John later asked me if I had told them it was library day. I hadn't. So we are guessing they think when Daddy puts them down, the next day is library? We'll see if our theory holds.

This time, my friend Melanie joined us at the library with Madison and Sydney. Maddie and Izzie were THRILLED. They love Melanie, Madison and Sydney. Izzie even showed off a bit by dancing to the library songs for the FIRST time! After the library we decided to all check out the park that is next door. Luisa joined us with her twins, Dax and Mason and her younger son Alex. This park was a no-go. It is for BIG kids. The slide looked scary to me! So we let the kids run around a bit on the ground but they were all getting just a bit too cranky. We decided to go to lunch. Luisa had some errands to run (with 3 kids under 3!) So we said goodbye to her and Melanie and I headed to Chili's for lunch.

Maddie pulled a bit of a temper in the car on the way to the restaurant and I'm almost called it off. I knew she was hungry though just by the way she was acting. Sure enough after a bit of food in them and everyone was fine. After lunch we all went our separate ways to try and get some naps in the kids. That was a big fail today, but the girls did at least lay quietly for a bit.

After some quiet time, I picked up Rhonda and we met Melanie at a different park to let the girls run around a bit. We stayed there and did some shopping (window browsing) too. Then home, dinner, bath and bed. The girls were asleep before their heads hit the pillow I think. I'm not too far off from it either!!

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