Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shopping with Momma

Maddie and Izzie helping me to buy dirt.

Izzie and Maddie with me at Lowe's buying dirt.

Here's to another super crazy non-stop day! It started bright and early when I decided it was about time to try and take the girls on errands that I've been nervous do with them by myself. When you have twins, sometimes the logistics of things can really stump you. For instance, I've been wanting to take some of their clothes to Kid-to-Kid or Once Upon a Child resale shops for MONTHS. But it's not an errand I really wanted to do during the weekend (when I hear the sale line is long.) Finally I decided to just try and see how it would work. Luckily I got a parking spot right in front of the store. I told them to go touch the brick column in front of the store. While they were doing that, I was able to watch them and get the box out of the van. We walked to the front of the store. Something as simple as how to get two kids and a box from the car to the store really stopped me from doing this errand. I'm still not sure how I would have done it if they were in the stroller. Overall, the girls were very good (and patient!) while we waited for them to go through the clothes and give us a paltry amount of money for the clothes.

The next errand on the list was to go to Lowe's. I needed dirt for my second raised garden bed. How do you take two kids to a hardware store and buy hundreds of pounds of dirt?? Again, I ditched the stroller. I found a flat bed card and it had a handle that was the perfect height for the girls. They LOVED pushing it around the store, helping Momma! It worked out beautifully.

Basically every time I think I can't do something with the girls, it's not a can't... it's just a "figure it out!" Where there's a will there's a way kind of thing. I'm so glad I was able to check those off my ever growing to-do list. By that time it was time for lunch, then nap. During nap I was able to fill up my flower bed and get 3 tomatoes planted! Then I prepped up dinner, got the girls up from nap and went to meet some friends for a park playdate. After an hour at the park, it was time to go back home for dinner. They ate, I showered and got dressed then it was kisses as I left to go to a birthday party. Now, it's 10:30 at night, I'm really tired and about to head to bed. I hope at least half of this made sense!

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