Monday, April 12, 2010

Rhonda's Birthday

Today was my sister's 26th birthday. She requested a family dinner of mushroom lasagna and an avocado green cake. Chris made the lasagna and the cake. Both were delicious. Izzie kept saying, "MORE, MORE!" Although she only ate one mushroom, she loved the pasta and the fancy sauce. I mixed the icing since Rhonda requested her favorite 70's color of avocado green.
Rhonda and Izzie

Izzie and Momma

Maddie playing with Nanna's gardening hat.

Izzie's turn with the had, and the look isn't complete without a big blue bag.

In other news, I was frustrated today with the amount of toys that the girls had scattered around the house. Out of exasperation I told them I was going to call the Toy Monster and that he'd come and hide their toys for awhile if they didn't put them up. That almost back fired on me, because Maddie really truly got scared. It took forever but I convinced her that I wouldn't call him if she picked up all the toys. Once they got over the Toy Monster part, they actually really got into the sorting. They'd pick something up and either exclaim where it went dashing off in that direction or they'd ask me, "Momma, Where'd it go??" (Where does it go?) and I'd show them.

Other than going shopping this morning, making homemade ketchup and a homemade roasted garlic loaf for Rhonda's party, we spent the morning cleaning and reading lots of library books. The girls got out their colors and did some coloring while I was cooking. That was cute too. They are now labeling their drawings. They'll draw a few lines on the paper and then tell me what it is. A rainbow, dolphin, seahorse and sunshine were the favorites today.

And speaking of seahorse, that reminds me of a funny from this morning. We've been going over letter sounds ALOT lately. I'll ask them what letter a word starts with or they will ask me. This morning in the car they were drawing on their magna doodles. They told me they drew a seahorse. I asked them what letter does "seahorse" start with. Then I made the "ssssss" sound. But Izzie kept saying, "Letter C!" Then it dawned on me she was hearing C-Horse!

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