Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Madison, Ford, Jake, Sydney, Izzie and Maddie

Madison and Maddie playing with a toy together.

I love meeting with our playgroup. We first started getting together middle of September. Back then the kids either just ignored each other or fought. Well now that I think about it not much has changed. Except they are starting to ignore each other less and actively play a bit together. They will hand each other sippy cups and they will share a snack. After one bites another, they will kiss the boo-boo in an apology. I think one of my favorite moments of playgroup is the first 3 minutes after we hand out lunch. All the kids sit still for a moment and look at their plates deciding whether or not they are going to eat it or not. Then after about 3 minutes chaos ensues, but it isn't too bad! Maddie and Izzie will usually stay seated the entire lunch time fiercely protecting their plates. Sydney and Madison always want to see what the adults are eating to make sure it isn't better. Ford and Jake usually eat and play all at the same time. Some days the adults actually get to visit, somedays we spend the time breaking up fights and temper tantrums. Either way, it's good for the kids and it's good for us!

Last night I served the girls chicken legs for the first time. They had no idea what to do with them. Daddy showed Izzie how to eat it and she dove right in, but then decided she really didn't like it.

Maddie took one look at her plate and said, "All done!" Which I thought was pretty funny. We finally got her to at least taste the chicken but she wasn't a huge fan either. Even after Daddy took the meat off the bone.

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