Thursday, April 29, 2010

The past two days

Yesterday, Melanie came over for lunch with Madison and Sydney. I had lunch all ready to go for when everyone walked in the door. This is Maddie waiting (very) patiently to eat!

Photo from behind, I braided the girls' hair and they loved their braids! They kept looking at each others hair to see how "their" hair looked.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Nanna and Popo's house to play for awhile. We've had some really terrific weather lately and want to soak up as much of it as we can. I really like watching Izzie and Maddie play lately. Their imagination has really kicked into gear and they are really good at pretending things. They are starting to pretend actions, like reaching in the air for a "diaper" to change their baby doll and then walking over to the grass and using it as powder. In the photo above they were cooking with their necklaces and using sticks to stir. Leaves became seasonings.

Maddie and Izzie are stirring their big pot of "noodles" with chalk.

We tried flying a kite but we weren't too successful. Still, it was fun trying!

This morning I had to go to a lab to get blood drawn for some different tests my doc wanted me to run. It was supposed to be an in-and-out kind of thing, so I figured taking the girls would be good so they could see Momma at the doctor getting a shot. (I'm like the calmest person I know around needles and figured it'd be a good influence.) The girls were TERRIFIC especially considering that the in-and-out turned into a 45 minute wait! That is forever in toddler years especially when it was followed by a 30 minute car trip to get to the doctors! When the books, the play phone and the colors all ran their course for entertainment, I tried entertaining the girls in more creative ways.

I started with having them read the letters off the cover of the books they brought in. This caught the notice of the lady next to me and she had a hard time believing that Maddie and Izzie were two! Then when that got boring, I started quizzing them on their signs. (Another reason why sign language is an AWESOME tool!!!) We use this in waits in grocery store lines, filling up gas, etc.) Anyway, I was asking them to show me the sign for different things and I wasn't really paying attention to anyone in the waiting room. I was just trying to prevent them from pulling each others hair out as a form of entertainment (and I did NOT want to resort to singing songs in the waiting room!!!) Next thing I know everyone in the waiting room was smiling and complementing the girls on how smart they were! Then a gentleman in the back of the waiting room said he uses sign with his hearing impaired daughter and he was super impressed with Maddie and Izzie. It did make the wait go by a little bit more pleasantly. As for the shot, it was over fairly quickly (once they straightened out the paper work mess that was taking so long) and the girls each got a sticker and a bracelet for being so good. I just got a shot.

This afternoon, I decided to make peanut butter from scratch. The girls were playing in the toy room and I was sitting at the table peeling the skins off the nuts (next time I'm buying them pre-skinned!) Izzie and Maddie wander over to see what I was doing. Of course they wanted to help! So I got them a plate and a bowl and away they went peeling the skins off the nuts too. They were really having a good time with it. Maddie had to show me each and EVERY nut that she peeled. She was very meticulous. Izzie was much quicker and didn't care if a few nuts got in her bowl unpeeled.

I do have to say this was a good exercise in fine motor control and finger manipulation! This is Maddie concentrating very hard.

Izzie concentrating too. Then they watched me make the peanut butter. To read the recipe (such that it is) visit The Frickin Chicken. I used the peanut butter to make them grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches on homemade wheat bread for dinner tonight.

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Scrappinmum said...

Oh! I'm so jealous of their long and thick hair!! Magdalene's is so thin. I have no clue where that somes from. As far as we know both sides of the family has nice thick hair. She had her firs 2 little ponytails today and stinker took tem ou before I could get a picture of them. :(