Saturday, April 3, 2010

Painting a Bird House

A few days ago Maddie, Izzie and I put together a bird house kit and painted it. Well, I put it together in front of them while they were eating breakfast because it was a bit too difficult for them. Then we painted it together. They really had a lot of fun. We talked about where birds live, what letter does Bird start with, what does a bird make a nest out of and we even talked about the colors as they mixed together. (Our birdhouse ended up being a mostly brown color!) Izzie kept saying, "Fun, Fun, FUN!" while she painted. Maddie was more quiet and much more detailed with her brush.

The bird house has a clear back and attaches to a window. I put it up high and we hope to attract a bird. I think it would be great fun for the girls! But even if nobody moves in, the painting itself was fun.

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