Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lunch Out & Signing up for Swim Lessons!

John is home on vacation. While I had lofty plans to stain the deck, we never really got organized enough to buy the stain. There are a few more days left of the vacation but they are filled with family. Today while the girls napped, instead of going out and buying stain, I went to lunch with my friend Melanie. She convinced her hubby to come home for lunch and watch her girls. It is SO nice to go to lunch with a friend during the middle of the week occasionally. Melanie showed me this place called Into My Garden I've mentioned them before. It's this teeny tiny restaurant at the back of a little shop called Nooks and Crannies. It's so girly! The tables are covered with quilts and lunch is served with real silver and china.

After a very nice lunch I went to Aquafit Plano and signed the girls up for Mommy & Me (and Daddy & Me!) swim lessons! They will be for two weeks at the end of June. I signed up now because I hear the classes fill up fast and I wanted a spot for my girls. I'm SO excited to get the girls in swim classes! I LOVED swimming when I was a kid. I took lessons every single summer, all the way up to Red Cross Lifeguard (I couldn't get my lifeguard because I took the class at 17 and you had to be 18 to be "legally" certified.) I hope Maddie and Izzie love swimming as much as I do.

After that, I stopped by to visit the Easter Bunny and discuss what should go in their baskets on Sunday. I think they will be very happy with what we (the Big Bunny) and I decided. By the time I got home, the girls were waking up from an early nap. (Hey, at least they TOOK a nap!) The big problem was Izzie woke up from the nap suddenly (she said her back was hurting/itching) and neither girl went back to sleep. Izzie was very lethargic for the most of the afternoon. I was really starting to get worried. Especially since we went to the park with the Davis twins and she just sat in my lap the entire time! We cut the park short, came home and while John and I were discussing it, she got up and was cheerful and playing all of a sudden like nothing was wrong at all. Maybe she just was extra sleepy. This isn't the first time she's complained about her back hurting with no other symptoms so we are keeping a watch on that. I ended up putting some Enzyme Ice (very mild stuff!) that the chiropractor gave me for my back and that seemed to help. John was thinking maybe she pulled it funny. (Seriously, we are wracking our brains since there doesn't seem to be any other symptoms and a 2 year old isn't very descriptive!)

We ended up putting both girls (Maddie was tired too, she played HARD at the park!) to bed a few minutes early and they both fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

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