Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Logging more time in the kitchen

What a fun and crazy morning it was! First we went to the library. The letter of the day was Z for Zippy Rabbit. I really think the childrens program needs to rethink some of their letters of the day. Like the day we had EE for shEEp. A two year old doesn't quite get that! When Nanna asked them what the letter of the day was they said Z for Rabbit. We had to go over Z is for zippy, zebra and zipper. R is for rabbit, Rhonda, and red. but they got it eventually. The craft of the day was rabbit ears they got to wear around their heads and that was a HUGE hit. I'm not knocking the storytime program, the girls love Ms. Dea and they are learning alot by going each week.

After library I swung my and picked my sister up. She helped me take the girls to Sprouts. It's a small little grocery store with small little carts and I'm not quite sure how I'll take the girls by myself, but I really love their fresh produce! Since Wednesday is their double sale day, I'm going to try and make it a weekly habit to go after story time for fresh produce. After looking at that amazing fresh produce, somehow we all ended up at the new Chinese buffet for lunch. I give it a passing grade. The girls ate a plate full of broccoli so that was good! Then we dropped Rhonda off at home so that the girls could take a nap. They told Rhonda they would sleep but that didn't happen!

After naptime I let the girls make their own snack. I gave each girl a cutting board, butter knife and plate. They each cut up half of a banana and put it on their plate. Then (after I cut off the tops) they cut their strawberries and put them on the plate. Last we counted out 5 blueberries, just to practice counting. Not to mention they could each eat about a pound of blueberries at time if I let them! They were both very proud of making their own snack and told Daddy all about it as soon as he got home.

Maddie cutting up her banana.

Izzie cutting here banana into pieces.

Look at the concentration!

Maddie and Izzie.

Maddie counting out blueberries.

Izzie counting.

Yum! Snacktime!


Steph said...

I love that you do so much with your girls! I should try having them help out in the kitchen more.

Amanda said...

It's a lot of fun and easier than I thought. They have to listen and use safety first. If they don't treat their knives correctly (even though it's just a butter knife now) they get 1 warning and then they are out of the kitchen. The kitchen can be such a fun learning tool but it can be so dangerous too!

Keith and Jessica said...

So cute!