Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring & Real Food

Things have been so incredibly busy lately. But in a very good way. My girls are getting older every single day. They are talking in full sentences and often have conversations with each other. They love getting right in the middle of everything I'm doing. Cooking dinner has been a challenge lately since now they want to help with each step of the way. I have to have an extra hour it seems to get dinner on the table so that each girl can watch, smell, touch, stir and sometimes taste as we go along. Izzie helped me make their smoothie the other day by helping me cut up a banana and some strawberries with a butterknife. I love that they are interested in cooking!

Recently my views on the kitchen and meals has slowly been changing. I'm really interested in the "REAL" food movement. Basically going back to basics and eliminating packaged foods. I'm not sure how far into I'm going to go. I'm having fun with it and learning a new lifestyle. I'm learning how to make as much as I can from scratch. I've slowly replaced almost all bread products in my house by making my own bagels, sandwich bread, pita bread, hot dog buns, cereal and pasta. Next I want to make my own dressings, ketchup, crackers and add to the list as I master each previous step.

I find that I eat less when I have to make it on my own. When you have to knead out your dough you treasure each bite. It also feels so good knowing what is going into the products I'm producing in my kitchen. I have a very long way to go! It did feel a bit silly putting a processed hot dog on a homemade bun! I also love having my girls help me make dough and get down to the basics of flour, oil, salt, water and yeast. They had so much fun helping me (by squishing!) the raviolis we had for dinner a few nights ago. Izzie ate a raw mushroom the other night because we were cutting them up for dinner together.

I'm excited about starting my little garden up again this summer. My mom has been gardening year round and I have to admit I'm just a little jealous of all the fresh produce coming from her backyard! It is a huge time commitment so I'm starting small. Hopefully I'll get some tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumber, and summer squash. Oh and blueberries! My blueberry bush I planted last year is coming back and is looking terrific!


Seren Dippity said...

I've got way too many tomato and pepper starts for my space. I got a little carried away choosing tomato varieties. I have at least two varieties that are specific for making tomato sauces with... I figure you'll like those better than slicing 'maters. They _will_ need a trellis though. Fill that second bed with soil and I'll bring the plants over. Cukes and squash we'll start directly from seed.
Maybe the twins will help plant them with us.

Jules said...

You are right. When you spend real time on food, you appreciate it so much more. Homemade food is som uch healthier, even past the caloric level, just knowing what you put in your food and what ISN'T There (preservatives and chemicals) is great. I have been going to the pazar here (open air market) and only buying local fruits and veggies. ( I know how to ask in Turkish now.) I also found an amazing local egg seller. I can get 18 eggs for 3 lira or $1.50 from a local farmer. YUM!