Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Park and Banana Caterpillars

Maddie, Izzie, Madison and Sydney looking at the lake at the park.

Today was slated to be a beautiful sunny spring day. A perfect park and picnic day. The last two or three times that we've gone to the park the girls have asked to go to the Dolphin & Seahorse park. I'm so glad I remembered what they were talking about! It was a park we visited towards the end of fall and they remembered it all through the entire winter. It's a bit farther than our main two parks but not too bad. About thirty minutes away. Melanie and I were talking this morning and she decided to join us. I didn't tell Maddie and Izzie figuring it would be a fun surprise for them when Madison and Sydney showed up. I was right. We got to the park a few minutes before Melanie and the girls were so happy to see their friends.

The dolphin (Maddie) and seahorse (Izzie).

Maddie and Izzie climbing the stairs to the slide.

Melanie leading the crew over to the bridge so I could take a photo. (Izzie, Sydney, Maddie, Madison and Melanie)

Izzie, Maddie, Madison and Sydney.

After naptime the girls wanted to give their stuffed friends a picnic.

I made them banana caterpillars for dinner along with peanut butter topped waffles and strawberry smoothies.

Yummy! (Maddie and Izzie)

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