Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can draw a rainbow

I meant to put this up earlier and forgot. Last Saturday the girls and I were out shopping. I gave them their Magna Doodles to play with while I pushed the stroller. Suddenly I hear, "Momma. Look!" I look down and Izzie shows me this picture she drew. I murmur a, "Yes, that's really good Izzie" without really looking at it. Then she tells me it is a rainbow. I looked at it a bit closer. Wow! She really did draw a rainbow! I was very impressed at that point! I usually foster my girls creativity and let them tell me what they are drawing, I don't want to limit their imaginations by saying something HAS to be drawn a certain way. But it is neat that this is the first 'reality' based drawing she has done. She was quite proud of herself and drew about 20 more in various sizes!

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