Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Green Shirt Clan

Nana, Izzie, Popo, Rhonda and Maddie.

Rhonda walking in the field with the girls next to my Mom's house.

This afternoon I took the girls over to my Mom's house. Well apparently I didn't get the memo, but today was pre-St. Patrick's day. Or maybe it was the spring weather, but I was the only one not wearing Green. Well, Rhonda' boyfriend Dylan was wasn't wearing green either, but still. We had to take a picture of the Green Shirt Clan. Maddie and Izzie really thought it was fun that everyone had a green shirt on. Then Rhonda took the girls outside for a walk in the field next to Mom's house. Even though today feels like spring they only found one flower in the entire field, so spring hasn't quite sprung... just yet anyway!

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