Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Playdate

This morning Izzie, Maddie and I went to Melanie's house for an Easter Egg Hunt Playdate. It was perfect weather for it! We spent almost the entire time out in her backyard. The kids just had a great time playing and the moms actually got some visiting in. Melanie made us a wonderful lunch that we had outdoors and then the kids all got to hunt Easter eggs. Maddie and Izzie were a bit too young last year but this year they completely got the concept of hunting for eggs! They had a blast and once they found the egg they were very possessive over it.

Izzie and Maddie sitting at the picnic table.

Starting with Jake in the blue shirt going clockwise is Ford, Gabriel, Sydney, Maddie, Izzie and Madison.

Maddie and Izzie chilling in the play house.

Something about this photo strikes a chord in me. Like maybe they'll be teenagers one day hanging out, reading magazines, munching on snacks and talking about boys. (Maddie, Madison, Izzie and Sydney.)

Maddie and Izzie need a doll house. They LOVE playing with this one every time we go over to Melanie's house.

Izzie hunting eggs.

Maddie on the egg hunt.

Checking out the loot after the hunt.

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