Monday, March 22, 2010

A bit of this and that

Izzie telling me "ROAR" with shaving cream hands.

Maddie had to say, "ROAR" too!

Izzie, Maddie and Sabrina over at Grandma's on Julie's birthday.

Julie reading to Maddie and Izzie.

This is puzzle game that the girls have had for a while. They never really "got" the game but had fun talking about the colors and animals on the cards. Today Izzie asked to play it and then started putting all the pieces together like she'd been doing it for months. Maddie joined in and caught right on.


Maddie and Izzie painting with water on the sidewalk. We had a few minutes to kill before bathtime so I took them outside to enjoy the evening. They found some melted snow water and started painting with their fingers and sticks they found!

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Julie said...

Hey, I did that puzzle with them with I babysat a few weeks ago. They were really getting the hang of it while we worked on it. Glad to see it stuck!