Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can draw a rainbow

I meant to put this up earlier and forgot. Last Saturday the girls and I were out shopping. I gave them their Magna Doodles to play with while I pushed the stroller. Suddenly I hear, "Momma. Look!" I look down and Izzie shows me this picture she drew. I murmur a, "Yes, that's really good Izzie" without really looking at it. Then she tells me it is a rainbow. I looked at it a bit closer. Wow! She really did draw a rainbow! I was very impressed at that point! I usually foster my girls creativity and let them tell me what they are drawing, I don't want to limit their imaginations by saying something HAS to be drawn a certain way. But it is neat that this is the first 'reality' based drawing she has done. She was quite proud of herself and drew about 20 more in various sizes!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Playdate

This morning Izzie, Maddie and I went to Melanie's house for an Easter Egg Hunt Playdate. It was perfect weather for it! We spent almost the entire time out in her backyard. The kids just had a great time playing and the moms actually got some visiting in. Melanie made us a wonderful lunch that we had outdoors and then the kids all got to hunt Easter eggs. Maddie and Izzie were a bit too young last year but this year they completely got the concept of hunting for eggs! They had a blast and once they found the egg they were very possessive over it.

Izzie and Maddie sitting at the picnic table.

Starting with Jake in the blue shirt going clockwise is Ford, Gabriel, Sydney, Maddie, Izzie and Madison.

Maddie and Izzie chilling in the play house.

Something about this photo strikes a chord in me. Like maybe they'll be teenagers one day hanging out, reading magazines, munching on snacks and talking about boys. (Maddie, Madison, Izzie and Sydney.)

Maddie and Izzie need a doll house. They LOVE playing with this one every time we go over to Melanie's house.

Izzie hunting eggs.

Maddie on the egg hunt.

Checking out the loot after the hunt.

Isabelle and Madeline

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring & Real Food

Things have been so incredibly busy lately. But in a very good way. My girls are getting older every single day. They are talking in full sentences and often have conversations with each other. They love getting right in the middle of everything I'm doing. Cooking dinner has been a challenge lately since now they want to help with each step of the way. I have to have an extra hour it seems to get dinner on the table so that each girl can watch, smell, touch, stir and sometimes taste as we go along. Izzie helped me make their smoothie the other day by helping me cut up a banana and some strawberries with a butterknife. I love that they are interested in cooking!

Recently my views on the kitchen and meals has slowly been changing. I'm really interested in the "REAL" food movement. Basically going back to basics and eliminating packaged foods. I'm not sure how far into I'm going to go. I'm having fun with it and learning a new lifestyle. I'm learning how to make as much as I can from scratch. I've slowly replaced almost all bread products in my house by making my own bagels, sandwich bread, pita bread, hot dog buns, cereal and pasta. Next I want to make my own dressings, ketchup, crackers and add to the list as I master each previous step.

I find that I eat less when I have to make it on my own. When you have to knead out your dough you treasure each bite. It also feels so good knowing what is going into the products I'm producing in my kitchen. I have a very long way to go! It did feel a bit silly putting a processed hot dog on a homemade bun! I also love having my girls help me make dough and get down to the basics of flour, oil, salt, water and yeast. They had so much fun helping me (by squishing!) the raviolis we had for dinner a few nights ago. Izzie ate a raw mushroom the other night because we were cutting them up for dinner together.

I'm excited about starting my little garden up again this summer. My mom has been gardening year round and I have to admit I'm just a little jealous of all the fresh produce coming from her backyard! It is a huge time commitment so I'm starting small. Hopefully I'll get some tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumber, and summer squash. Oh and blueberries! My blueberry bush I planted last year is coming back and is looking terrific!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just pictures for now

This morning as I was making the girls pancakes for breakfast they gathered up a bunch of friends and asked Daddy to help them sit around the table.

Daddy, Izzie and Maddie

Yesterday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate Cody's Birthday.

Izzie and Sabrina had fun playing Ring Around the Rosie with Dana and Chris.

Izzie and Maddie love putting lotion on Daddy's head.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Day

This morning Izzie and Maddie were playing by together in such a cooperative manner. It was really fun just watching them interact. Here they are reading a story together. They were talking about all the pictures in the book.

I loved how they looked like mirrors of each other. Well except for the pointy toe of Izzie.

Rhonda came over to visit and she and the girls were cooking on the outdoor toolset. Yes, they made spaghetti with screws and a wrench was a fork.

(Izzie, Maddie and Rhonda)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Executives

Izzie and Maddie are checking their emails again. (Please ignore the messy desk... I can't seem to keep this surface clean! And the diaper is a clean one, so don't worry.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Park and Banana Caterpillars

Maddie, Izzie, Madison and Sydney looking at the lake at the park.

Today was slated to be a beautiful sunny spring day. A perfect park and picnic day. The last two or three times that we've gone to the park the girls have asked to go to the Dolphin & Seahorse park. I'm so glad I remembered what they were talking about! It was a park we visited towards the end of fall and they remembered it all through the entire winter. It's a bit farther than our main two parks but not too bad. About thirty minutes away. Melanie and I were talking this morning and she decided to join us. I didn't tell Maddie and Izzie figuring it would be a fun surprise for them when Madison and Sydney showed up. I was right. We got to the park a few minutes before Melanie and the girls were so happy to see their friends.

The dolphin (Maddie) and seahorse (Izzie).

Maddie and Izzie climbing the stairs to the slide.

Melanie leading the crew over to the bridge so I could take a photo. (Izzie, Sydney, Maddie, Madison and Melanie)

Izzie, Maddie, Madison and Sydney.

After naptime the girls wanted to give their stuffed friends a picnic.

I made them banana caterpillars for dinner along with peanut butter topped waffles and strawberry smoothies.

Yummy! (Maddie and Izzie)

Monday, March 22, 2010

A bit of this and that

Izzie telling me "ROAR" with shaving cream hands.

Maddie had to say, "ROAR" too!

Izzie, Maddie and Sabrina over at Grandma's on Julie's birthday.

Julie reading to Maddie and Izzie.

This is puzzle game that the girls have had for a while. They never really "got" the game but had fun talking about the colors and animals on the cards. Today Izzie asked to play it and then started putting all the pieces together like she'd been doing it for months. Maddie joined in and caught right on.


Maddie and Izzie painting with water on the sidewalk. We had a few minutes to kill before bathtime so I took them outside to enjoy the evening. They found some melted snow water and started painting with their fingers and sticks they found!

Buy More Snow

Overheard on the monitor at naptime (I think Izzie is Girl 1 and Maddie Girl 2)

Girl 1: Snow is all gone!
Girl 2: That's okay. Momma buy more at the store.
Girl 1: Okay!!

I guess I need to add "snow" to the next grocery list!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Sprintime... I mean Snowtime!

I took this photo last night because I though it was weird/neat that it was snowing on the "first day of spring." Who knew I'd wake up to THIS:

Crazy, right???

Almost 7 inches as of 8:30 this morning and it was still snowing!