Thursday, February 18, 2010


The girls got some cash for the birthday from their Grandma Bettie and Grandpa Jimmy. With all the new toys that they got for birthday and Christmas I just set the cash aside for a bit until I could think of what to buy them with it. I finally decided I wanted to get them a bouncy horse and an indoor trampoline. I ended up finding the horse for sale on Craigslist for a really awesome price, so then I ordered the trampoline the next day. It came in the mail today and both girls were very interested watching me open the box and put it together. I told them that just like Thunder (that's what they named the horse) that if they fought over the trampoline that it would go in the garage. Then I told them one girl on it at a time. I think it can handle two but I figure there may be more pushing and shoving if they are both on it at the same time.

It was a huge instant hit. They took turns reasonably well and jumped for a solid 30 minutes until I called them to the table for lunch. Then after lunch I had to distract them with puzzles for 15 minutes or so because the way they were jumping I was sure it would upset their tummies if they got right back on. Finally I told them they could go play some more on the trampoline and they were very excited. Since we've had Thunder now for about 4 days, he's old news. I'm sure it'll even out but they both wanted the trampoline today!

On a different note, yes, it may seem like we've been living in our pajamas lately and actually in truth we have been in them a lot. We've all been a bit sick and that's just more comfy. Don't worry, we do change nightgowns and even take baths. I'm just sayin'. When you are barely holding it together and trying to get through the day and you are hanging out not going anywhere, jamies are comfy. Judge all you want...

Izzie's turn. I encouraged Maddie to ride Thunder while she waited for her turn.

Maddie getting some air!

Maddie smiling for the camera. (Izzie trying to sneak on for her turn.)

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