Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!!!

The farm behind our house.

I woke up this morning to a blanket of white snow out the window. It was the most snow I think I've ever seen. A couple of years ago on Valentines Day it snowed pretty big, but I think this beats that. I was excited to show the girls the snow, but John was even more excited and he beat me to it. He ran and got the girls and they looked out the window at all the snow falling to the ground. Maddie kept saying, "Pretty Snow! White Snow!" Izzie also was thoroughly enjoying watching the big fat flakes of snow hit the ground.

After breakfast we bundled up and went outside for a snow adventure. It snowed this past Christmas Eve but the girls were sick and it was a windy freeze your nose off snow and I kept them inside. Today it is very still, no wind and the snow is just falling very peacefully. Maddie loved it! She was so excited and started making "Little balls!" Izzie was scared to go near it, but she finally did. They both watched me make a snowman. Then Izzie was ready to go inside. Maddie stayed outside with me for a bit longer.

While the girls were eating lunch, John went in the back yard and made a huge 5 and half foot snowman! It's so cool. The girls named him Max.

Maddie and Izzie watching the snow.

Snow in my front flower bed. I wonder if it will kill the daffodils that thought it was spring a couple of weeks ago. (They are peeping through the snow.)

The backyard.

Izzie, Maddie and Momma making snow balls.

Our house.


Our snowman. John found strawberries for eyes and he's got a bit of an evil glint going on...

Izzie, Maddie and Daddy on the porch. (This one is for Jackie... John out in the snow with no coat or hat!)

Maddie taking it all in.

Watching Daddy build a snowman.

Building the base.

Yay! It's John and Max.

Taken from my upstairs window.


Seren Dippity said...

Where's the hat? Aren't snowmen supposed to have hats?

Julie said...

Ha! Sabrina's wearing her tracksuit today, too. They're triplets in absentia.

Sammy was out throwing snowballs before school, and Sabrina just gets quiet and whispers, "Snow, snow," over and over.

Once Chris picks up Mom and Dad and Nanny from the airport (trip rescheduled), we'll be building a Max of our own.