Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping Day

In Pottery Barn Kids- Izzie and Maddie playing in their little play area.

Izzie and Maddie at the play area at the mall. I have to say, I think Stonebriar has one of the best indoor play areas we've been to!

This picture is a little fuzzy but I love how Maddie threw out her hand in a pose when I asked her to smile!

Izzie and Maddie looking over their new High Five Magazine for Toddlers. It was a present from Nanna and they really love getting it in the mail!

Today was so fun! I'm glad I didn't cancel like I almost wanted too because I was so tired this morning after staying out late last night. Add in the fact that it was drizzly and overcast, I just wanted to curl up and stay in bed. Having two-year old toddlers will change those plans instantly, so I figured we'd better stick with the plans that I had already made with Melanie and her twins, Madison and Sydney.

We met up at Stonebriar Mall around 10 am and hit the stores shopping. The girls don't have to be bound to a stroller very often anymore so I wasn't sure how the morning would pan out. They did pretty darn good though. We browsed a bunch and then stopped at Pottery Barn Kids. This is a store that I've always glanced at longingly, but never have stepped in. I feel voyerstic just glancing through their catalog dreaming of a Pottery Barn House full of Pottery Barn Kids furniture and toys. Actually walking in their store felt a bit fraudulent. And they do have a secret. There is a little kids area! They had their little pink dream of a kitchen with some pots and pans, an adorable little doll house and a few other toys for kids to play in, I assume while their mom is making large purchases.

As we were leaving, the sales clerk asked if we found what we were looking for. Melanie had a very suave answer. She said, "Oh, I'll have to come back when I don't have the kids, it's hard to decide on what I need while they are so distracting." And we left with a smile. This break from the stroller allowed the girls time to get some of their energy out and we browsed a few more stores before deciding we were all hungry and it was time to hit the food court. You should have seen the look on Izzie's face when Madison swooped in and ate her apples. She wasn't sure if she should be offended or not! But Madison then shared her apples with Izzie and all was good again. We sat next to the carousel and they got to watch the horses go around and around.

After lunch we went to the play area at the mall and let the kids run around like silly kids for half an hour. It was hard pulling them away but naptime was fast approaching and they were getting cranky. We had a great morning at the mall, it was just a fun day hanging with friends.

This afternoon after the nap they did not end up taking, the girls were reading their new High Five Magazine for Toddlers that they got in the mail. Their favorite page is the hidden picture page, and sometimes it's the only page in the magazine they want to look at! I was taking pictures of them looking at the magazine when Maddie looked at me and said, "Make a Movie!" I asked her what she wanted me to make the movie about and she said her Best Friend Izzie. How could I resist? So my little Movie Stars are in the following "movie":

Best Friends

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