Saturday, February 20, 2010

Napping away from home

Like I mentioned before, I injured my back a few days ago. I really have a new understanding of what people with chronic back pain must suffer with. The pain is really debilitating. Thank goodness I have the support of a wonderful husband, Mom and Chris. This morning I woke up hoping miraculously that the pain would be gone but of course it wasn't, as back injuries apparently take FOREVER to heal.

John has had a very long week (mostly because he's had to work a full week then come home and pick up my slack since I've been out of commission.) So he was tired, the house was in shambles and the girls (luckily) were as cheerful as could be. I was sitting at the kitchen table with tears rolling down my face in pain and frustration that I couldn't play with Maddie and Izzie. Izzie looked up at me and told me she would kiss my back so it would be all better. I put a call into Super Nanna and she swooped in to save the day. John carted the girls off to her house, then he came home and picked up the entire downstairs. The house looks amazing right now. Now he's enjoying some much needed relaxation. I've been going back and forth between icing and heating my back. The girls are having a great time at Nanna's and when I called to see if they wanted to come home, they said, "Nap at Nanna's house!" Yeah right, we can HOPE they get some shut eye.

But I just wanted to put out a heartfelt THANK YOU to my mom and Chris. Not only have they given me a chance to give my back a one day break, I'm sure the girls are racking up a ton of memories and having a blast. The question is, will they want to even come home?

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