Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mema turns 70



Izzie and Maddie

Maddie getting all tucked in the tent to sleep.

Izzie in her tent.

Yesterday was all about getting to Mema's house. There is way too much prep that needs to go into a 2 night stay out of town. The drive yesterday went pretty well. The girls were excited to go on a trip to Mema and Pepaw's house. We got here around four in the afternoon yesterday and both Maddie and Izzie were so excited to see Mema and Pepaw. Pepaw was excited that he got a kiss from both girls this go around. Usually it takes them a couple of hours all the way up to an entire day to warm up to him.

They found their cousin Ryan's cars and trucks and they had a blast pushing them around the kitchen floor. When it was finally time for bedtime, both girls were excited to sleep in their tents. I've been talking about how they get to sleep in a tent at Mema's house for a couple of weeks now and it went off without a hitch. They crawled in and went straight to sleep. Both girls woke up once during the night, forgetting where they were, but after a quick hug and kiss from Momma they went right back to sleep.

Today is Mema's big Party. The Un-Surprise Party. It should be lots of fun! I'm putting the girls in their party dresses. Can't wait to get them all dolled up.

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