Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going ons

Izzie helping to unload the groceries.

Izzie cooking.

Izzie and Maddie

Izzie and Maddie.

Izzie and Maddie

I finally felt a bit human today after three days of basically staying in my pajamas, I decided to try and get dressed. John's three day weekend was spent taking care of Maddie and Izzie practically solo. I was able to help here and there but mostly I stayed out of the way sleeping. This head cold knocked me on my butt. John had made a run to the grocery store with the girls on Saturday but he mostly got the essentials. Today I felt well enough to venture out in public with the girls and fill in with some other things we had run out of. When I got back home I immediately put away all the cold stuff and left the dry ingredients in the bags on the floor. I set the girls up coloring at the kitchen table and then I went to check my email and just veg for a few minutes. I wasn't as well as I thought and I was getting too hot, I needed a 5 minute break. I kept hearing giggles but nothing major so I didn't worry too much. Finally I decided I better check on them because coloring usually doesn't result in so many giggles.

I walk in the kitchen and Izzie and Maddie both start clapping. Izzie looks up at me and says, "Teamwork! We help-ed you Momma! Put up the foods!" I looked to where she was pointing and sure enough all of the groceries were out of the bags and on the floor of the pantry. It was so precious. I couldn't find my camera fast enough but I snapped a blurry picture of Izzie placing the last item on the floor. My big girl helpers. They were SO proud of helping Momma.

Later, while I was making them some lunch, Izzie ran into the playroom. She told me she was going to cook too. Maddie was more interested staying in the kitchen to watch me cook. Both girls have really taken an interest in their kitchen lately and Maddie especially loves watching me cook. Both like watching cooking shows with me on tv! I can't wait until we are cooking more and more together.

The last two pictures are from last night. They grabbed their tent and turned it upside down. Climbed in with about 15 books and started to read. It was pretty hilarious. Anyway, that's all that's going on right now. Oh, except for the fact that I made AWESOME homemade bread today. Check it out at thefrickinchicken.blogspot.com!

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