Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Night Away

Izzie and Maddie with their pillows, they are headed off to Nanna and Popo's house to spend the night away for the very first time!

For the first year of the girls' life it seemed like every other post was either about something to do with sleep (or lack thereof) of or some First Milestone that they had just reached. While there are still tons of Firsts in my girls' lives, they have slowed down a bit.

Tonight is another First and it's a BIG one in my book. Tonight is the girls FIRST night to stay away from me. They are spending the night at Nanna and Popo's house. John and I are going to the PAMOM annual Gala this evening and while we aren't going to be out to all hours of the night (ha! We are SO not that couple...) we decided that it would be a good opportunity for the girls to spend the night away for the first time. Plus, we'll still be in the same city. It helps knowing I'll only be 10 minutes away.

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Lynn said...

That first night can be tough. Hope it's going ok.