Friday, February 19, 2010

Doctor, anyone?

Last night was one of those really rough nights that you dread being a parent. It could have been worse, a lot worse. John could have been out of town, or their could have been bodily fluids involved. Luckily John was in town and there was no bodily fluids involved. I'm still getting over my lingering cold with a pinched nerve in my back thrown in for good measure, so I'm so glad that John was home and able to do most of the night care. But basically Izzie had a lingering cough left over from a cold from the last week of January. Last night it got really bad and she coughed almost the entire night. Somehow, thank goodness, it didn't wake up Maddie (and actually Izzie slept through most of her coughing); but it did however, keep John and I up for a good portion of the night.

The funny thing about this cough of hers is that it disappears in the daytime. As in you would not know the girls spent hours and hours coughing the night before. So every day, I put off calling the pediatrician convinced she's all better. After last night, I decided we couldn't do another night like that and I put the call in this morning. Thankfully she was able to see us this morning. She needed to so a follow up on Maddie out too, so it was even better that she was able to fit both of us in.

While getting the girls ready to go to the doctor my back started hurting so bad that I was practically in tears and couldn't put any weight on my right leg. Mom called her chiropractor to see if she could fit me in. She said that if we came by right after seeing the pediatrician she'd fit me in before they closed (since they close early on Fridays.) This stressed me out because it meant that I the girls most likely wouldn't get a nap AND they were going to have a late lunch and I only had 2 mini things of raisins in my purse. I don't do well getting off schedule, but I was in that much pain. Not to mention mom was with me, so I figured she'd help me out with the girls.

The pediatrician went well. Both girls wouldn't let us weigh them, which has never happened before, but we pressed on. Turns out Izzie just has nasal drainage that is causing a tickle in her throat which is making her cough when she is laying down. Zyrtec and a nasal spray and she *should* be good to go tonight. Maddie's eczema is flared up again, so the rash I thought she had should go away with some cortisone cream. On to the chiropractor we went.

They did pretty good in the waiting room with my mom and considering that the raisins went before I even made it to the back room, that was impressive. The chiropractor did her thing and popped my back back into place. (An x-ray showed that one of my discs was indeed pinching some nerve.) And now I'm back to good. Or so I wish. The inflammation of the muscle around the nerve is still pretty severe. I'm supposed to kick back, ice it a few times a day and put a salve that she gave me on it. Yeah, right after I pick up the girls load them in the van, pick them up to change diapers, bend over to wipe noses, pick up toys, and the various and sundry other tasks that involve using a back over and over. I did mange to get some ice on it and I've been slathering the stuff on (which actually DOES feel good) and now a few hours after my visit I do have to say my pain level is 10 times better than it was this morning.

After the chiropractor we went to lunch at a place called MexiGo. For real, that was really what it was called. But it was close by and we were hungry. It actually tasted good too, or maybe we were just that hungry?

No nap usually means fussy girls, but they did alright this evening. We did put them down for an early bedtime and now the house is peaceful. I'm going to spend a bit of time working on the PAMOM newsletter and then I have a DVR full of shows that are calling my name. The housework has waited for the past couple of days and it can just wait one more day...

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Steph said...

I hope that everyone is feeling better soon! Yes, leave the housework for tomorrow (or the day after or the day after)...I give you permission.