Friday, February 12, 2010

Davis Twins Turn 2

Birthday Girls Sydney & Madison along with Izzie and Maddie.

Eating lunch at the American Girl Store. Maddie and Izzie got to bring their baby dolls who got to each lunch with them!

Here we all are eating. Melanie's mom, Pam, flew into celebrate with the birthday girls.

After naptime Maddie and Izzie had more energy than I did. (I've got a cold, and have lost my voice) With all of the peeking at the snow this past two days there were more fingerprints on the window than not. I sprayed the window with a few squirts of windex, gave them some towels and they went to town cleaning. They wanted to clean all the windows in the house.

John LOVES snowcones. So I suggested that he make a snowcone with REAL snow. The little boy in him was super intrigued and he ran to make one. Luckily I had some snowcone syrup on hand, so it was a quick fun treat for him.

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Seren Dippity said...

What about snow ice cream? I vaguely remember mom making some when I was a kid...