Monday, February 22, 2010

Back in the swing of things


All nine kids eating around the tables at once. Miracles do happen.

Maddie enjoying her first ever cupcake and on an Elmo plate too!

Yum! Says Izzie.

Izzie ate all the icing off first.
Last week was miserable. Between getting over colds, my bad back and Izzie up a lot of nights coughing it was rough. But we managed to make it day by day and get through it. Last night was a really good night and today was a really good day (except for the NO sleeping that went on during naptime.) I'm hoping that this means that we are on an upswing and we'll all stay healthy for a while!!!

This morning the girls and I went to a playdate at Alison's house and we had a mini-birthday party for Ford and Jake. Their actual birthday was on the 18th, but our playgroup got together had cupcakes and exchanged gifts. Oh, and the best part (well maybe the second best part, because it's hard to beat a cupcake) is that we got to sing the Happy Birthday Song. Two Year Old's love this song, I've recently found out.

It dawned on me that today was the first time I allowed the girls to have their very own cupcake. Yep, the whole thing, icing and all. Up until now it's only been bits and pieces of people's cake at parties. They did get their own piece of birthday cake at their party, but cupcakes are special. They are little bitty perfect cakes. Maddie and Izzie thoroughly enjoyed their first cupcake too!

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