Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Gym Class

Izzie on the parachute.

Maddie in a contemplative place, right before the epic temper tantrum.

Izzie got up on the WAY UP HIGH bar and she even let Coach Steve lift her up! She's my go getter when it comes to gymnastics!

My friend Melanie told me about this small little gymnastics studio not far from her house. It's about half price of the one I took the girls to last month and so I figured we'd check it out. I actually really liked it. I think that the girls were exposed to more gymnastics elements and equipment here than they were at ASI. The first half of class was awesome. They participated 100% which I thought was terrific. We also had a female instructor. The second half of the class we went over to a male instructor and the girls shut down. Izzie finally warmed back up, but Maddie threw a temper tantrum of epic proportions. It did not go well. But I suppose her memories were good because after nap when I asked her if she liked gymnastics she said YES! Go figure.

Totally unrelated: Both girls are speaking in full sentences more and more. Today I was watching a Signing Times Video about fruits and vegetables with them and John walked in the room. Izzie looks up at him and says in the sweetest voice, "I like vegetables, Daddy." Now whether she likes eating them or looking at them, that is the question.

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Scrappinmum said...

I am so hoping to find a little gym or dance class for Magdalene in China. The girls look like they had a good tme. I'm too am shocked over the speech Magdalene has. Notsure why when she would say 4 word strung together at 1 but it's full on conversations now. So cute. No real fis here yet. I figure she'll have her first good one on the flight. ; (